Patagonia Entertainment seeks out more markets

Patagonia Entertainment is one of the rising stars of the online bingo industry, and indeed one of the few software companies that have managed to innovate and create new surprising bingo slots. Their latest conquest came in the form of online casino, bringing their whole portfolio of games and products to an ever-increasing number of South American players.

Though this might not seem like much, it is quite evident that something is brewing in South America, and this time around, in a good way. While European operators are concentrating on video slots, it seems like the company has almost free hands to do what it wants with bingo software. This is good news as the company is known for innovation. Hopefully, this also means more products for other markets.

Read our review of Patagonia and find a whole new world of bingo games. Right now it might be a bit difficult to find casinos that sport the collection, but as you can see the network is growing as we speak. It is not only casinos that are becoming familiar with the company, but other producers too. Rumour is, soon enough games from this provider will be available through Microgaming platforms as well. Get to know the games now and you can rake in the wins soon enough…

Comment: I enjoy playing quite a few games from this provider. Interesting to see them expand and looking forward to seeing what else they do in the future.

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