Tombola’s New Game Delivers Big Burst of Excitement

It’s time like this I really wish I had a klaxon, I don’t so I’ll just have to pretend! Tombola have unveiled a brand-new online bingo game and as far as I’m aware, it’s the only one of its kind with no numbers! Yes, they’re known for their unique and exclusive games but each bingo game offers a numbered ticket of some sort, even Hex!

Bubble Bingo is styled on their popular arcade game (Bubble!) and playing is really rather simple. There are seven explosive-filled fun bingo room to choose from, something in my opinion Rollercoaster could benefit from: pop, burst, float, drift, bump, flutter and foam. Entering the room gives players five stake options: 10p, 25p, 50p, £1 and £2 per game. The amount you can win will be determined by the value of your stake.

How to Play New Bubble Bingo:

Basically, it’s a 30-ball bingo game with marbles instead of numbers and inside each of the 30 bubbles on your screen houses a coloured marble of red, green or blue. As the game gets underway, these bubbles start to glow and will pop to produce a marble. Each colour is collected automatically and added to their respective meters. Be the first to collect ten of one colour to win the stated full house prize.

To choose your stake price, click one of the bubbles, then tap to ‘buy.’ Don’t forget to confirm or you will miss the next round. You have until the count-down timer reaches 5 seconds to buy your tickets. There is a single full house prize is available in each game. If more than one player wins, the prize is shared equally.

The only time a prize isn’t shared is when the jackpot is triggered! Win the game in 14 calls or less to win a jackpot of 500x your stake. If more than one player wins a jackpot at the same time, each lucky player receives that 500x prize! We’ve already seen somebig winners already with no less than 10 bagging a large pot in just a few hours on the day of launch!

What’s the difference between this and Bubble on Tombola arcade? I thought you’d ask that! Bubble offers three rooms (themes): original, pop and lab. Each room offers the chance to win one or more of 6 prizes as well as a possible top prize, only, you won’t be competing with the players for these ones. A £1 stake offers prizes of £1, £2, £10, £20, £50 and £500 with the number of marbles needed for each increases as the cash grows.

Lab is the one offering an extra feature where you could trigger an instant win without the hassle of gathering marbles, but how? When a golden marble leaps from a bubble, it will drop into one of those prize pots for a guaranteed win!

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