Selecting the Right Cards

One of the most important strategies for winning online bingo is to learn how to select the right cards.

There are two things to consider when choosing cards –quantity (how many cards should I play with?) and numbers (what numbers should my cards carry?). Here are some tips for both.

When it comes to the number of cards, the smart player always plays the percentages. He weighs the cost for each card, the total number of cards in play in a game and the size of the prize money. The key is to stock up on cards when the size of the prize money is big and the number of cards in play is relatively small. Don’t buy a lot of cards when the biggest prize is up because other players will surely buy more cards as well. With a lot of cards in play, your cards’ chances of winning become smaller. You have to pick your spots.

Good bingo strategists have a bell in their heads that goes off when they sense that a lot of cards are vying for the same prize and the percentages are stacked against them. That tells them it is not advisable to buy more cards. On the other hand, these players can also sniff out those games when the prize is not that high, but high enough, and only a few cards are in play. That is the time when it is to their advantage to buy more cards.

Some bingo experts say four is the optimal number of cards a player should hold. From there, the player should simply add or subtract cards depending on how the series of games unfolds.

When it comes to what numbers are carried by the cards, there are two different schools of thought. The conservative school believes that the numbers on the cards should be as different as possible. The logic is that, if you have the same number on multiple cards and that number is not called, then you compromise the winnability of several cards. Therefore, having as many different numbers as possible minimizes the chances of compromising more than one card at a time. Spreading out the numbers also spreads out the risk. With so many different numbers, the chances of a number being called from one of your cards is greater.

The more daring approach is called numbers-concentration — the player chooses cards that concentrate on a specific set of numbers. They want their cards to have as many overlapping numbers as possible. Every time one of their numbers is called, they have a chance to double or triple up.

The second approach depends a great deal on luck — “Am I lucky enough to have my favorite numbers called?” The first approach depends on logic and playing the percentages – “With more numbers, I surely have more chances of having my number called.” The big question is, which approach is better?

In a game of luck, you have to rely on good luck coming your way to win. For that reason, a lot of people feel the second approach is better.

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