10p Bingo Games

Did you know the cost of your online bingo ticket will ultimately determine the value of the prize, should you be fortunate to win, but when does 10p a ticket become more than 10p a ticket? When you can buy multiple tickets per game. There are plenty of bingo rooms out there were bingo tickets are stated as 10p each, when in reality you can buy what seems an unlimited number of those tickets per game; 10 tickets at 10p becomes £1, 20 tickets become £2 and so-on. The more tickets you have, the more chance you have of winning we all know that.

Then, there are online bingo operators (Tombola being one), who have ‘even stevens’ type games where that 10p ticket will only cost everyone just 10p, and in turn, everyone then has the same chance of winning. You select the single ticket on screen and sit back and wait for the game to begin. The disadvantages to these types of games comes with the prize. Low stakes mean small prizes, especially if that 10p even stevens style game is a 90-ball bingo game! Three prizes per game at a cost of just 10p will return pennies per prize tier.