5 Scrumptious Ways to Use Up Your Pumpkin This Halloween

Splashing out on a pumpkin for your doorstep is great fun, but if you don’t eat the innards, it’s a big waste of money. So, instead of playing another round of fabulous free bingo (no deposit required!), why not get carving, then turn all that lovely pumpkin flesh into one of our 5 delicious, unusual pumpkin recipes? Yummy!

1. Pumpkin Cheesecake from Brown Eyed Baker

Holy, moley. If you’ve never thought about turning all of that orange pumpkin mush into a cheesecake before, you’re probably kicking yourself now. The pumpkin in Brown Eye Baker’s amazing pumpkin cheesecake recipe leaves this pudding with a beautifully light texture and warming autumnal flavours to die for. Perfect with a nutmeggy, gingery spice blend and some sinful toffee sauce. Ultra yum.

2. Pumpkin & Pulled Pork Pie from Madalene Bonvini-Hamel

Pulled pork is having an undeniable foodie “moment” right now, so why not jump on the bandwagon and bring the inside of your pumpkin along for the ride too? This incredible pie is certainly a labour of love, but the finished article and the delectable filling will blow your hungry mind. Delicious soul food.

3. Stuffed & Baked Pumpkin from Jamie Oliver

Pumpkin is such a beautiful vegetable all on its own that there’s really no excuse not to use it as a central ingredient. This yummy “best baked pumpkin” recipe by Jamie Oliver really lets the pumpkin shine – and the scrummy nutty, fruity rice stuffing isn’t bad either. The perfect healthy, veggie indulgence.

4. Sweet Pumpkin & Apple Crumble from Auld Food Allianz

Crumble probably isn’t the first thing you think of when you’re looking at your freshly scraped pumpkin, but this recipe for apple and pumpkin crumble was picked by the Guardian as the best crumble recipe from hundreds of reader submissions. Warming and healthy, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised…

5. Spiced Pumpkin Fudge from Celtnet

Hugely popular in America, this spiced, autumnal and devastatingly Moorish confection will have even pumpkin naysayers scoffing the lot. Best of all, this is a super simple recipe you can make with the kids after all of that pumpkin carving. Perfect for a spooky, crafty afternoon!

Do you have a favourite pumpkin recipe which you like to make after carving your spooky Halloween accessory? Share your tasty treats and yummy meals with our readers below or tweet the team  @TwoLittleFleas

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