Budget Travel Tips So Your Holiday Won’t Feel Second Best

We all love a great holiday, but they can be so expensive. And when you try to save a few pounds here or there, you might feel like you’re getting less-than-stellar accommodations or treatment. But if you want the luxury travel without the luxury price tag, you might want to check out the budget travel tips below.

Book off-peak



Obviously, if you have kids in school, you’re somewhat limited when it comes to times to go on holiday. But if you do have flexibility in your schedule at all – or if you fancy a Christmas abroad – you can make huge savings on your holiday. Hotels offer lower rates, flights are cheaper and restaurants and tourist attractions often give you breaks and freebies, just for giving them some much needed custom.

Even better, some exotic locations’ off-peak times are in the middle of summer – including the Caribbean. Parts of Mexico, like Puerto Vallarta, too are escapes for people looking to get away from long, cold winters. So their off-peak times include the summer. Which is ideal if the only time you can get away is during the summer break. Sure, it’s especially hot then, but since you’ll spend all day sipping cocktails in the pool, you won’t even notice.

Look for alternatives closer to home

Dalmation Coast

You might want to travel to the Bahamas or Florida for sunshine and warm weather, but long-haul flights really eat into your travel budget, meaning you have less to spend on accommodation and food. Instead, book budget flights to hidden European gems, like Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast (also called the Istrian Riviera). It’s got blue seas and warm beaches, plus they grow loads of lavender in the area, lending a relaxing sense of aromatherapy to the entire holiday. Thomson has lots of deals on trips to the Dalmatian Coast.

Try a luxury B&B instead of a hotel

The Little Charcuterie

You can also get a good deal if you look for luxury B&B accommodations, instead of opting for hotels. You could have a holiday in a converted 17th century coach house in Cornwall for just £99 a night for two people. As long as you’re willing to book in advance, you can find some amazing deals.

Book the coach house above, or find other charming alternative accommodations around Britain with Unique Home Stays.

Check out last minute luxury booking sites

Voyage Prive

Sure, you can book on last minute holiday sites that send you to the normal destinations, but if you really want to feel like a star, you need to find the luxury hotels in glamourous locations. That’s where sites like Voyage Prive come in. It’s like Groupon for luxury breaks, so you sign up and see what sort of great deals they have available. Then, if you find a deal you like, you book and go. It requires a lot of flexibility, but at least you’ll get something like 70% off hotels and


With these budget travel tips, you should be able to have the luxury holiday experience without sacrificing any style or comfort and without sacrificing too much money. So what are your best budget travel tips? Let us know in the comments!

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