Leapfrog Network

The Leapfrog Network is possibly the most unique bingo network on the internet thanks to the software used to power the bingo games and side games. Firstly, the software isn’t identical at each site on the network. Secondly, all software must be downloaded before you can start playing. Third and finally, the software uses a 3D lobby that allows you to wander from one table to the next between games. However, what was once cutting edge graphics now looks old and cheap.

A few years ago, the Leapfrog Network was one of the most appealing bingo networks on the internet to any player looking for a new online bingo experience. However, these days the software may be different but this is no longer a good thing. The overall bingo platform is in dire need of an overhaul but there are still plenty of loyal players who have been ton the network for years.

The Leapfrog Network is home to just a handful of bingo sites that include Bingo Liner, Jet Bingo King Jackpot, Bingo Cafe and Bingo Cabin. Most of these bingo sites offer both UK facing platform (.co.uk) and an international platform (.com), with UK facing sites displaying prices in British pounds, while the internationally facing sites handle cash in US dollars, even though US players are actually prohibited from playing at any Leapfrog Network Bingo sites!

The games on offer at Leapfrog Network sites are virtually the same, with just one or two differences between all sites on the network. You will find US-style 75-ball bingo as well as classic 90-ball bingo available to play both day and night. There is also a good choice of bingo side games to play at Leapfrog sites, which include traditional casino table games along with online slots and instant win games. Some side games can be played as mini games from the bingo play window, while other side games on the network must be played in their own window.

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