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Visa Credit

As an online bingo player, you are probably considering or reconsidering the payment methods to use across online bingo sites. And that’s a wise decision, considering the safety of your funds is of utmost importance. You are playing across these sites with the aim to win something, right? Well, you must consider protecting your wins, and to do that, you must choose a safe and trustworthy payment method to use.

Among the safest, most popularly used and most reliable payment methods, we can safely say that VISA credit card is the leader. This credit card has been used by millions of people across the globe for daily purchases, money transfers and online transactions.

But, you must be wondering why use VISA credit card across online bingo sites?


… VISA credit card is basically the leading credit card program in the world. It holds close to 50% of the market share in credit cards in America, as reports show, and is definitely the most popular credit card in Europe, as well as other continents. It is the world’s largest payment network that manages transactions for consumers, businesses, financial institutions and even government entities.

VISA credit card…

… was launched back in 1958, so it is also one of the oldest, longest-operating credit card programs ever. It was launched as part of Bank of America’s credit card program, invented by a branch manager who came up with the idea to make the bank’s computer systems prepare consumer’s bills across many businesses instead of these businesses preparing the accounts manually. And this idea proved to be brilliant, actually. Today, VISA credit card is not only available in the US, but virtually in any country across the world.

What’s best about it…

… is that it has partnered with hundreds of banks all across the globe and has given them the right to issue the credit cards on its behalf to their customers. Therefore, you don’t need to apply for a card with VISA directly, but with your own bank, the bank that you already have an account with. Once you have your card, you can use it at any store, shop, restaurant, gas station, and any other establishment that accepts payments with it.

The brand…

… has received international recognition mainly due to the security measures it implements. There’s a two-factor authentication process users go through when transacting with it online, and there’s the Verified by VISA protocol that applies to each transaction. Each time you’re using the card online you must provide the CCV2 security code, given by VISA and used to verify your identity when using the card. Since you’re the only one who has the card with that code, you guarantee that no identity theft is in place. And, of course, since you also get a PIN code, you use that code when paying offline, since you’re the only one that knows the PIN.

Getting Started with VISA Credit

To get issued with a VISA credit card, as you would assume, you would have to go to your bank. And then, you’ll have to provide the bank with certain documents to ascertain whether you’re eligible to get issued with one.

Since credit cards…

… are cards that allow you to spend more money than you have, you would have to prove the bank that you can return that money over a period of time, in increments, and probably at the cost of a fee. You would need to provide the required documents and fill out an application. In the application, select the type of card you wish to get, in this case the credit card, since VISA has a variety of products, including debit cards, prepaid cards, virtual cards, and corporate cards. Submit your application and in a couple of days, you will get an answer from your bank.

If your application was approved, you will get issued with a VISA credit card. With the card, you will receive an envelope containing all the codes you would possibly need when transacting with it. To get access to the online banking account tied to this card, you would have to ask for permissions at the bank. The bank will give you the login details to your account, where you can follow all the transactions you made throughout the month.

Once you have it everything in order…

… you can freely start using your VISA credit card, anywhere you want, anytime you want. Since there is hardly any online bingo site that doesn’t accept it as a payment method, you should have no problem finding one that suits you. Keep in mind, though, that credit cards are no longer accepted as gambling methods in the UK. As of the 14th of April, a ban came in force in the UK forbidding the use of credit cards and related eWallets as a mean to protect players who overspend while playing across online gambling sites. So, if you’re a UK player, you should know that playing online bingo with a credit card is not an option for you. If you’re a US player, however, you can transact online across online gambling sites legally in the US, and get faster deposits and withdrawals with it.

Depositing and Withdrawing

One of the main benefits…

…you get for using VISA credit card across online bingo sites is the ease of use when depositing and withdrawing. This credit card basically functions like any other credit card, prepaid card, or debit card, for that matter.

To fund your bingo account with it…

…you would have to go to the bingo site’s Banking section, or oftentimes called Cashier section, where you’ll need to click on VISA’s logo. A new window will open where you’ll need to enter the necessary information. And by that, we mean your name as the cardholder, the card’s number and expiration date, and the amount of money you wish to deposit. Once you enter all that, before you confirm the transaction, you need to provide the CCV2 code, found on the back of the card. VISA will go through your request and approve it, only if everything is in order and you have enough funds on your card to complete the transaction.

Withdrawals are requested…

…in pretty much the same way. Instead of adding the sum you want to fund your account with, this time, you’ll need to add the amount you wish to cash out. Go through the same procedure afterwards, and when the bingo site reviews your request and approves it, the money transfer process will begin. While deposits with this payment solution take a few minutes, withdrawals take a while, up to several business days. Both VISA and operators try to comply with online gambling regulations, so they must check every aspect before they approve your transaction.


When I experience a problem with a transaction, who do I contact?

While VISA has a dedicated Customer Support team for all of its users, you should first try contacting the Support team at the online bingo site you’re playing. If they cannot help you out, you may want to contact your bank and see whether the issue is rooted there. Finally, if that doesn’t go well, too, you can contact VISA’s Customer Support team and they will make sure you have your problem solved.

Do deposit and withdrawal limits apply when playing with the credit card across online bingo sites?

As a matter of fact, yes. But, these limits will depend solely on the policies implemented by the bingo site you’re playing at. Before you choose it as your default payment method, make sure you ask about these limits to see whether you’re comfortable with them.

As a UK player, which alternatives to VISA credit card could I use?

Since both credit cards and eWallets tied to credit cards are off-limits for you as a UK player, the wisest solution for you would be to use prepaid cards, vouchers, mobile payment options or other online payment services which have no contact with credit cards.

Are there any disadvantages to using this payment method?

The fact that you cannot use credit cards in the UK anymore is the major drawback to this payment method. Many other countries have also banned credit card gambling, so the country restrictions are considered as a disadvantage. Other than that, this is a payment method that can provide you with seamless online bingo experience.

Are there various credit card types issued by VISA?

Yes, as a matter of fact, there are several credit card types. You would need to qualify to apply for each card, meaning you would have to meet the requirements. Also, each card comes with different fees, so when considering the one to apply for, you need to take into consideration the fees and maintenance costs that apply.