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Beautiful Bones Review

Microgaming has developed a habit that we’ve come to love fondly: whenever they set a mind on coming up with a jaw-dropping eye candy of a video slot game – they deliver in style. This time, we’ll get to know the colorful customs and festive atmosphere of “Dia de Los Muertos” – or, The Day of the Dead, a popular Mexican holiday that sets the theme for what can only be described as a fireworks for all (well, most of) the senses. The game is brimming with cool features and we can barely wait to tell you all about it.


Beautiful Bones, this aptly named newbie in the online slot realm, is a five reel, 243 paylines slot game – translated, it means it’s low to medium volatility which guarantees an extended enjoyment in harmless spinning but also means that you should probably look elsewhere if your main motivation are big, almost instant wins. The low value symbols are represented with letters and numbers, while high value ones are the two gentlemen and three ladies, all wearing their painted scull masks, as is customary. Whenever any of the symbols land in three consecutive slots (horizontal or vertical), the central symbol turns to a wild. This will grant a player with an instant free spin – a cool feature rarely seen.

To be honest, writing about this game’s visuals require volumes. We don’t have that much space, so we’ll start off saying that we’ve seen it all – but were rarely as impressed as is the case now. Stunningly designed, the game has a very well-rounded, holistic approach to interpreting The Day of the Dead as it covers all bases – in terms of colors, decoration, the usual elements even music. The reels change from bright pinkish-beige hue to black when in Free Spin mode and even up-tempo mariachi band carries their tune. So it’s a uniquely immersive experience and the one that we applaud.

Special Features

When it comes to bonus features, this game offers two uniquely designed ways for earning even more money. The first one is called Wild Spin Again and it‘s triggered if three symbols line up vertically or horizontally anywhere on the reels – thus allowing one more free spin. If you by any chance get lucky enough to land another vertical or horizontal combo, you will be able to re-trigger the free spins. The main attraction in this game is called Sugar Skull Free Spins, which is triggered each time you collect ten skull scatters on the reels. This shouldn‘t be very hard, since they can land anywhere on the reels. Ten scatters of this kind reward you with 10 free spins, twenty with 15 and a 4x multiplier. If you really get lucky and manage to collect thirty skull scatter symbols you will be awarded with 18 spins and 5x multiplier. It‘s really just a matter of choice whether you will use all the benefits of it.


Beatufiul Bones is one of the finest titles from Microgaming in which players can enjoy stunning visuals and graphics, nice music and a lot of re-spins. The main feature of this game is impressive and it does get triggered from time to time, which balances the payouts with superb gaming experience. You will certainly fall in love with this slot and get the coins flowing in no time.

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