Bitten Review

Put some garlic around your neck or in your pockets and let the show begin. In this exciting and thrilling online slot game from IGT, you‘ll encounter good-looking vampires, full moon, bats and a spooky forest shrouded with mysteries that will keep you up all night. Bitten includes almost everything there is about vampires, although there is no sign of Nosferatu, better known as the Dracula. Creepy graphics and sounds only add more excitement to the whole story, so don‘t get carried away too much. This game is both mobile and Mac friendly, but don‘t spend all of your coins at once.


Since this whole story is based on a vampire, the symbols pretty much correspond to its theme – standard Jacks, Queens, Kings, Aces and number ten really give you some sense of an old horror movie. Whereas the bonus symbols such as Crypt, Candelabra, Celtic Heart, Logo and Goblet complete the whole picture nicely. The game features five reels with twenty paylines, but when it comes to winning big money don’t forget to look for the logo and crypt, which represent the wild and the scatter. Both of these symbols will increase your riches if you play smart and stay one step ahead of the game. If any of the special symbols land on the reels, the bonus game will be activated, allowing you free spins. Choose one of the coffins and start with a 1x multiplier, which can go up to 50x value. The multiplier will increase with each spin and the game will become much more attractive, thus enhancing the game experience.

Special Features

You might think that this game lacks more bonus features, but it‘s not like that at all. Developers did a great job with free spins, which considerably increase the chance of winning and here‘s why – the more crypts you win, the more free spins you get. Add the multiplier to it and there you go. Depending on how lucky you are, your possible winnings could reach up to 50x or even 200x of that what you‘d already won.


If you are a fan of budget-friendly slot machines, you should definitely give Bitten a chance. It’s a well-designed horror story supported by some creepy tones and a cartoon-style artwork that will keep all the fans happy as they enjoy all the memorable elements of this entertaining game. Just make a note that the key to winning lies within the coins, luck and your strength to overcome the fear of the unknown.

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