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Disco Spins Review

Get your groove on and hit those dancefloors! If you’re into disco, that is, and even if you’re not, NetEnt is in the house and naturally, we’re excited, and you should be too. Disco Spins is a game of special charms and will appeal to both casual spinners and jackpot hunters. Get ready to break away from the conventional structure of bonuses and features to something a little more basic – but with one very cool, out of the box trait that we love very much. What is it? You’ll just have to read on to find out!


Time to polish your platform shoes. This funky 70s tribute comes on five reels and twenty paylines – so, nothing out of the ordinary there. Now, the remarkable thing we’d like to report about this online slot game is the levels of betting available. The range is immense – at the time of this writing, the betting deposit can be any amount between 20p and $250. We salute NetEnt for making this game available for all kinds of bettors and for meeting all sorts of expectation regarding winnings. Oh, and here’s another hint – for a relatively low-volatility game, Disco Spins has some pretty great jackpots. ‘Nuff said.

A well-rounded display of vivid graphics and a far out disco jammin’ soundtrack do their best to transport you a few decades back. Eight colorful dancers occupy the reels in their typical variations of attires, big collars, zany-shaped glasses and embarrassing hairdos, against blue backdrops. They present the high-value symbols, as well, but they do have one other secret to share…

Special Features

And that is; namely, all of the dancer symbols also work as wilds! That is, under one condition – that they land on a tile that matches the color of their outfit. As the reels are spinning, the tiles change color and should, say, a red dancer land on a red tile; a wild is created. And because of the number of wilds and the organization of tiles, you will find yourself in a winning position more often than not.

The one gripe some players may have with this game is that it’s not packed with bonuses as we’ve come to expect from NetEnt (we admit they may have spoiled us). But we still have something to look forward to, beside the wilds. The scatter symbol (disco ball) is a gateway to two different Free Spin modes – land three of them on the third, fourth and fifth reel and will be asked to choose between regular Free Spins or Disco Spins. The former grants you 15 spins with 3x multipliers, while latter contains 10 free spins, but only dancer and scatter symbols will be present on the reels. We don’t have to put two and two together for you to realize that this means much greater chances of big wins.


Disco Spins is one incredibly entertaining video slot game, despite the occasional letdown in the features department. Free Spins don’t come by too often, so see if you can make most of them. Otherwise, this is yet another solid addition to NetNet’s biography.

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