Eggomatic Review

Every once in a while, we stumble upon this unique, particular online slot game – the one that makes us hear harp music in the background and angelic choir singing in unison, the one that makes everything shine with clarity and understanding. Please give it up for one such slot – Eggomatic! We have already given so much praise for NetEnt you’d think we’re in love with them, but what can we say – when something is well-deserved, we don’t hold back. And this…this is one video slot that bursts with creativity and originality. Excited yet? OK, let’s do the breakdown.


If we start off saying that this is a five reel, twenty payline slot you might yawn and think “so what”. But this is where all familiarity ends and specialties begin. Observe the strange looking, steampunk-like contraption on the left – this is the dispenser of the hour, the only Eggomatic! What it does is it randomly produces different kinds of eggs (four of them, to be exact) that land on a conveyor track at the top of the screen – each type of egg has a different “power” and bears certain value, but we’ll get to that. Right now, it’s important to note that there are five different kinds of low-value symbols, little chicks (in red, blue, green, pink and brown) and high-value symbols in the form of grown-up chickens (in same hues) – very smart, we reckon. There is a blue wild chicken symbol (no scatter in this one).

Where to even begin describing the visuals and graphics aspect because Netent has spoiled us all to the point that we don’t care about bonuses and payout terms and all that anymore and just bask in the eye-candy that their games are. Stunningly designed and animated, once you enter a game, a 3D dashboard will “unfold, ” and a conveyor belt/factory line setting appears before your eyes. Elements we already mentioned, chicks, chickens and the eggomatic itself are with the Auditive portion of the game is another wonderful story. The music is so wondrous it actually made us think NetNet hired a movie score composer for this game.

Special Features

There are no bonuses as such here – but don’t freak out! Remember those four kinds of eggs from earlier? Eggomatic produces them and puts them on a conveyor. The egg’s journey starts on the right-hand side of the screen and moves to the left with each consequent spin. If a wild scatter symbol appears right under the egg, it will drop and the wild chicken will catch it (activating a nice animation). And then it will reveal the egg to be one of the following:

Coin Win Egg – depending on the deposit you made, this will grant you a certain amount of coins won, usually between 50 and 2500.

Free Spins Egg – self explanatory, really, a very random number of spins (between seven and fifty) are won.

Spreading Wild Egg – this egg will morph all the adjacent symbols into wilds and lo and behold, the big win is yours!

Surprise Egg – grants a random award from one of the above.


We’ve had so much fun with Eggomatic that we recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone looking for a good time and seeking some wins. It looks amazing, feels amazing – it is amazing.

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