Frankenstein Review

For some goosebumps and chill down your spine, turn to classics. One such is Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein”, one of the works of literature that pioneered the horror genre. The 1931 movie interpretation of it was a basis for this Net Entertainment video slot game and, although it has some really big shoes to fill, it proves to be up for the task and delivers beautifully.


Short but sweet intro welcomes you and takes you to gravy hills, lit by lightnings, where nefarious Dr Frankenstein and his assistant Fritz are up to some unholy deeds (ie., raiding a grave). Already then and there, you know you’re in for a sinister ride in this five reel, 20 paylines slot game. High value symbols are the characters of Dr. Frankenstein, Fritz, the monster and brain in a jar. The electricity inducing machine works as a wild, while the eerie windmill is a scatter.

The looks of the game is at the right level of creepy: the backdrop of the game is Frankenstein’s stone-wall laboratory adorned in chains and experimental machines. Colors are not overwhelming, as monochrome colors reign tastefully coupled with some vivid details on slots. Animation is smooth and the sound effects do justice to this legendary tale of horror.

Special Features

The main portion of the game might be a bit too slow for most tastes, but patience is advised because “Frankenstein” really takes off once the free spins are engaged. You won’t hit them too often, mind you, but when you do – all hell will unleash! Collecting three or more windmills produces a thunderous sound before an angry mob with pitchforks chases you to the said windmill where free spins with multipliers are waiting. Also, a silver disc of lightning producing contraption and will morph near-by symbols into additional wilds, depending on there they land.


With its Gothic backbone and a penchant for climactic turnarounds, “Frankenstein” is somewhat subdued, but only until a real rush of free spinning takes over. This is a mid-volatility slot game that will have you chasing those scatter symbols because that’s where the real climax is. The chances of big winnings are significant during bonus rounds.

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