Fruit Case

Fruit Case Review

NetEntertainment’s penchant for quirky, fun video slot games is a continuous source of inspiration for them, it seems. With this game we get a host of friendly looking fruits who are about to get squished into jam jars. While this may not be the best fate for them, the entertainment this provides is worth their suffering – especially considering this is one of the free fall/avalanche games with awesome multipliers we love so much.


“Fruit Case” looks innocent enough, but looks are, of course deceiving. This five reel, 20 ways to win slot game isn’t exactly brimming with bonuses and special features, but has just enough to keep an average player well satisfied. For the oddly morbid feel of the game in which we expected anything but, whenever you land three or more adjacent symbols of same variety, the factory machine that presses fruit will squeeze these little fellas into oblivion. Gory, but ultimately delicious. Speaking of, there are your usual low value symbols in forms of jars with different letters and numbers, and then there are a lemon, strawberry, orange and pear as high value (not in terms of nutrition) symbols. The blender machine is a scatter used for engaging free falls and a game logo wild.

While simple and to the point, graphics are lovingly executed. It’s cartoony in a way children’s coloring books are, but the overall feel of the game is much more entertaining in a mature way rather than juvenile. That is always hard to achieve when making a cartoony slot game, and NetEnt have mastered this well. There is no accompanying music, just the sound of reels spinning and the squishy sound of fruit going to meet their maker.

Special Features

We welcomed with open arms a host of cool multipliers that have their say during the main game as well as free fall bonus rounds. Every time you squish some fruit and more fall from above in their empty slots, the multiplier will increase, so you can potentially get from 2x to 8x in no time. Activating the free fall/free spin feature will grant you a triple multiplier for every combination that wins, which is most cool. So, what you should hope for in this game, essentially, is that you make some juicy consecutive winnings because the chain reactions can just be stupendous and lead you to some outrageously multiplied winnings or a ridiculous amount of free falls, that can go up to as many as 60!


All in all,”Fruit Case” is a highly entertaining online slot game with great hidden potentials, so don’t judge it to harshly on the first go. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a quick, harmless fun or are on the mission of hunting down some big bucks, this game is meant for everyone. And that is its universal appeal.

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