Ghostbusters Review

Who you gonna call? IGT is taking us to a trip down the 80s memory lane, as one of the most beloved movies of all time makes its appearance in slot game form. The entire crew is present, ready and willing to bust some bonuses in mesmerizing and appropriately numerous bonus games and features. The game supplier made a tremendous effort in making this game live up to expectations and entertainment standards of the movie. This will be evident as soon as you enter the game and the famous movie tune starts playing. But we are ahead of ourselves. First things first.


Ghostbusters is a five reel, thirty paylines online slot game packed with bonus features that we are so excited about we can’t hold back from announcing them now before we get to the Special Features paragraph. Famous faces greet us from the reels – Dan Akroyd, Bill Murray and Harold Ramis among others form high-value symbols. No letters and numbers in this one, instead low-value symbols are bits and pieces and contraptions from the movie, like proton pack, PKE meter, crew’s improvised vehicle, team’s special goggles, a trademark ghost “extinguisher” etc. There are two wild symbols: slimmer and purple ghost and they both substitute standard ones. There is also a ghost bonus symbol responsible for activating a bonus mini game and free spins.
No need to point out that the visual representation of the game is all about the homage to the cast, the movie itself and the props. Reels, at first glance, are strangely minimalistic, just a white background with symbols glued on them but it serves the game well, as occasional animations appear and this make them stand out even better.

Special Features

This is where it’s at! So many cool features we can barely count. First off, there is a host of mystery features (appropriate, given the supernatural theme of the movie) and the best thing of all is that these appear randomly on the screen and we are just dying for those unexpected blessings that break the silence. Multiplier feature increases your win by 2x, 3x, 4x and 5x. Cash Award will give you an unexpected prize up to 1000x the value of the deposit. Wild Reels feature will turn one, two or three reels into wilds and Extra Wilds feature adds another one, fourth reel, into purple ghost wilds.

It doesn’t end there, not by a long shot. There is a mini-game, called Ballroom Busters, activated by two ghost bonus symbols and one slimmer. You will get five opportunities to locate and shoot down the unsuspecting ghost. Each ghost shot down carries a certain prize. Naturally, it’s not a slot game without Free Spins, and in Ghostbusters additional ten paylines are activated for this feature, for a total of forty. During the spins, additional unexpected wilds may appear, bringing all sorts of joy to the player.


A proper blast from the past, Ghostbusters online slot game honors the blockbuster movie in a dignified way. Myriads of hidden features, a plethora of bonuses that are as exciting and fun as they are lucrative make Ghostbusters one of the highest quality outputs from IGT in recent times.

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