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Go Bananas! Review

By now, Go Bananas! has deservedly became one of Net Entertainment’s flagship games, and the one that makes this producer really distinctive and cutting-edge. This is one delightfully beautiful and fast-paced video slot game set in the hot settings of a tropical rain forest. A host of zany monkeys and colorful fruits and trinkets make up one of the most enjoyable experiences in online slot realm.


Yet again, we are treated to a five reel, twenty fixed paylines game and this is nothing we can (or want to) complain about. The symbols are represented by a wide variety of fruits that are second nature to our beloved ape creatures (bananas, limes, coconuts and the likes); also, shiny pink gems, conga drums, a golden monkey statue and a…stash of monkey currency? Anyhow, where this game really takes the cake is in its wild symbols. There are five different wilds in total – wild baboon, wild gorilla, wild orangutan, wild langur and wild tarsier. Each of these is, of course, depicted as specific breed of monkey on the symbols, but what makes each of them unique is the way they trigger a special pattern of wilds that each of them posses. For instance, a gorilla will grant you five wild symbols in the shape of an “X” across the reels, orangutan lands four wilds, shaped as a square and so on. And for a special kind of shine, yes – more than one potential wild trigger symbol may appear on a single spin, leaving you with myriad possible scenarios for wilds to scatter and wreak havoc upon payout. And you know what’s best? There certainly is no scarcity of wilds! This reviewer was only playing for like five minutes and managed to get a combination of two wilds that got him to a super mega win.

The visual aspect of this video slot game is as every bit as beautiful and exciting as we’d come to expect from Net Entertainment. The choice of animations and colors fits with the narrative just right, and there is a sweet moment every now and then when monkeys come to life and appear to be just monkeying around (ie. Doing their stuff) as you win big. The subtle soundtrack revolves around tones deemed to be exotic and just hits home, in our book.

Special Features

We’ve already went over the wild feature that, although normally regarded a bonus feature, really is the staple of the gameplay and a pillar of the main game itself. In that regard, approximately every third spin will be bringing you a win to some extent, with the maximum one being x700 of your deposit.


A high entertainment value, potential huge winnings and friendly, swinging monkeys. Sometimes, this is just what the doctor orders. Loving Net Entertainment’s slot games just seems so easy – and it’s more of the same with Go Bananas!

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