Gonzo’s Quest

Gonzo’s Quest Review

We won’t hold emotions back and will just go on and say it: this is one of our most favorite online slot games and easily one of the most charming and beautiful! Yes, we are that excited. Follow the exploits of an egoistic but ultimately likable conquistador, Gonzo, wanting the mythical treasure of El Dorado all for himself. Net Entertainment, we salute you, hats off and all the other usual cries of accolade – you deserved them!


The game takes off its Aztec theme with a charming intro animation of Spanish galleon anchored off the coast of modern day Peru and Gonzo plotting to invade by himself. “Gonzo’s Quest” is a five reel, three row, twenty paylines slot game. The symbol’s or block’s color signifies its value. The wild symbol is a block containing a golden question mark, while scatter – a free fall symbol pertaining to free spins feature – is a golden block with a mask carved in stone. Huge wins here are not a frequent occurrence, but wins 50 or 100 times the deposit are not unheard of – free spins can go as much a s 200x. Speaking of deposits, they can be anything between 20p and $50.

As for the design and graphics, well, that may be our favorite part and one of the best in business, actually. Contemporary and sleek, the slots are wonderfully designed Aztec blocks, reminiscent of totem heads. All in different, subtle colors and various stone-graving patterns. The crumbling of the blocks is realistically animated, so dust and rubble s rise up when they collide. The attention to detail is just incredible, also showcased in authentic jungle ambiance sounds present throughout the game.

Special Features

These are kept simple and to the point, just as we like it. There are the obligatory Free Spins, naturally, and how it goes is thus – landing at least three free fall blocks, in succession, will activate 10 free spins, or falls as they are called in this instance. Free fall multipliers can even go as far as x15!

The other feature is the Avalanche, and is something you will likely encounter a lot. This basically means that getting certain symbol combinations will tumble and crash the blocks down and increased multipliers will double, triple or quintuple your winnings, depending on the number of successive avalanches.


The phenomenal imagery and addictive, streamlined play of “Gonzo’s Quest” have found their way into our hearts in a flash. A fiesta, adventure and gold rush all in one. Avalanche is a true breath of fresh air and a welcome novelty, while the promise of a big potential $12500 jackpot should be enough to keep anyone glued to their seats.

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