HellBoy Review

Penned by “Microgaming”, this online slot game is a thematic and stylistic nod to a comic by Dark Horse turned a successful blockbuster movie. And like every superhero themed slot game, this one bursts with fiery action all around, is aptly animated and with just the right amount of mystery prizes that will surprise you as you play. So, let’s see what doomsday has in store for us.


HellBoy is a five reel, twenty paylines slot game. It is centered around a benevolent red demon, renowned for his massive right fist, set in a post-apocalyptic world. Along with his sidekicks, he fights the good fight against forces of evil on his way to Chamber of Fire. The HellBoy character itself is a high value symbol, along with Liz Sherman, Trevor Bruttenholm, Abe Sapien and a certain bad guy. HellBoy’s fist (The Hand of Doom) serves a a scatter symbol, while game logo is a wild.

Beautifully and, most of all, appropriately designed, the game doesn’t shy away from the overall look of the franchize. It’s brightly colored, with just a touch of doom and gloom, and its cartoony characters look like they mean business. The soundtrack is like the sinister version of new-age act Enigma and works great, as it’s not at all bothersome and helps set a fitting mood for the game.

Special Features

Now this is game’s time to shine. Features in this slot game are really something to write home about. To begin with, we have the Underworld Bonus, a neat little mini game triggered by landing three or more scatter symbols (Hellboy’s fists) anywhere on the reels. In the game, you travel through multiple underground passageways on the way to Chamber of Fire to collect the Relic of Power. En route, you either eliminate baddies and win money or come across blocked tunnels, returning you to the slot game. Getting to Relic of Power, that is shooting crystals to get to it, will win you a random money prize.

Next up is the Supermode. This is basically a ten free spins bonus during which three symbols will become a wild and remain frozen, enabling you to win big with the following spins.

Finally, the Gamble Feature is there to pat you on the back whenever you make a win. It is skippable, and what you do is you need to guess either the correct card color or its suit. In the first case, your winnings will be doubled, in latter – quadrupled.


To summarize, Hellboy is cooly designed, action packed slot game with awesome features (a mini game is always a great addition) that makes a great homage to the original comic books. Well worth your time!

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