Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack and the Beanstalk Review

The old fable (and very informative, at that) of Jack’s ill-fated family and his unlikely, magical exploits made its way to another online slot machine. Net Entertainment’s pride and joy, Jack and the Beanstalk, is a five reel online slot game with twenty fixed bet lines. Traditionally, online slot games set on fantasy backdrops are a major success with the players – so let’s check out what makes this one stand out.


The game begins in a slightly unorthodox fashion – with a short animated intro, slightly comical and definitely designed and rendered beyond expectations (don’t worry, it’s skippable, so you don’t have to re-watch it every time you play). High value symbols are the main protagonist, with something of a mischievous smile, a rather gloomy looking goat, the two-headed fiend of a troll, an axe (used for cutting down the stalk in the dramatic ending scene), a watering bucket, a somewhat malnourished cow and a chest of jewels, serving as a scatter symbol. Game logo is a wild symbol.

We could barely contain ourselves till we got to the graphics part, and here it is: the look of the game is simply glorious! Wonderful coloring, infinitely likable and creative slot characters that animate once you hit a good streak, an occasional butterfly or two that flutters by, just to give some extra zing…You’re just bound to love it all. The sounds are non-obtrusive, mainly peaceful ambiance sounds of an idyllic day at the countryside. As for the gameplay in itself, you can spin the reels from 20p onward and go as far as $100 per spin.

Special Features

Jack’s land may not be a land of plenty (yet), but it sure is bonuses and extras aplenty in Jack and the Beanstalk! First off, there’s The Walking Wild – whenever a wild symbol shows up on the screen, a player is awarded with a re-spin, during which the reel is moved by the Wild symbol so that chances of winning increase. The old favorites, free spins, are available every time a player lands three or more scatter symbols (treasure chests) and thus receives 10 free spins, with an option of winning 5 more if 3 more scatter symbols are landed. The chief beast here, though, is Treasure Collection feature, played during free spins (giving you another sound reason to chase those). In it, you collect keys and depending on the amount of keys collected, you can either collect wild symbol appearing as two money bags (three keys), a stack of three golden hens (six keys) or a golden harp propelling you to even larger prizes (nine keys). All of those are, of course, a nod to items that Jack collects in the original tale.


Through never losing hope and perseverance (also, through some of near-crazy stunts), Jack turned rich and, hopefully, so can you – but more than anything, never lose sight of how jaw-droppingly beautiful this game is. So even just enjoying it for the sake of enjoying it is a very reasonable thing to do.

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