Lady Robin Hood

Lady Robin Hood Review

The welcome influx of games with feisty female characters in main roles continues with Lady Robin Hood. The legend of Nottingham’s elite outlaw, a defender of the downtrodden, finally gets its feminine iteration and with it, the peace and tranquility of gaming surroundings – all good prerequisites for a successful and entertaining game of online slot.


The game, developed by Bally Technologies, is a fixed paylines variation of five reel online slots. The symbols of higher value are depicted in images that relate to the fable of Robin Hood – so you will get pouches of gold and silver, quiver of arrows, a dagger, a beer and a chalice, while Lady herself is one of the wilds. Lady Robin Hood, being a servant of justice, will not bathe you in ridiculous sums straight away, but will keep you playing for a long time even while on a very strict budget.

One particularly refreshing approach is in the solution found for the audio of the game. Instead of going for a soundtrack music that often ends up sounding too generic, they embraced the pastoral sounds of nature, the pleasant spring day in Sherwood, with birds twittering, crickets chirping and soft breeze streaming. A very welcome and, dare we say, ingenious use of field recordings. The graphics are pleasant though not exactly revolutionary and in-your-face, though admittedly they do go well with the subject theme.

Special Features

There certainly isn’t a shortage of wild symbols in the game and these can come pouring down randomly in the game – Lady will show unheard of mercy and shower the screen with arrows, granting you to 8 (or less) wilds. This is the Arrow Mystery Wild bonus. The obligatory free spins make their mark once you land three LRH wild logos on first, third and fifth reel and voila – you now have access to ten free spins. But there, shields will guard reels two, three, four and five – why, you may ask? Well, once a symbol lands on the reel, the space that a shield occupies is filled – all spaces filled transform the reel into a wild.


As the story and legend go, Robin Hood stole from the rich to gave to the poor. Here we have not mere lady Marianne but a full-fledged medieval heroine worthy of the big shoes she’s filling – so here’s hoping that some of that Prince John’s undeserved wealth finds its way to your hands.

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