Lucky 8 Line

Lucky 8 Line Review

Ah, to relive those times when all was so much simpler…Like, so much simple that even slot machines were devoid of numerous fancy features or sound effects that made sense to a human mind. Net Entertainment takes us on yet another nostalgia trip of cherries, melons, bells and lemons. Welcome to the charmingly ascetic ways of Lucky 8 Line. Traditionalists and slot purists, rejoice!


Here we deal with a big winners’ three reels classic slot game. It’s specially designed for those looking to make a big buck in the most expedite way possible. This game boasts eight paylines – vertical, horizontal and even diagonal, meaning that, as elementary as it may be, this game does hold a few tricks up its sleeve. What makes this online slot different is the multiplier level – the highest one can go up to x3000! Minimum bet is 10p, and you can choose how many lines to play, either a single one or all of them. Nine sevens will win you a prize that’s x1000 your bet, so it’s well worth considering the amount of your deposit.

The graphics are that much basic and purposely fundamental that even writing about them seems like a Sisyphus’ work. You are virtually seated in front of a “real” slot machine inside a typical Atlantic City-esque casino. With no music to follow you en route to jackpot, the only sounds are the horrid effects of reels spinning that are so painfully bad they’re actually fun. Takes you back to the glorious Atari days, really.

Special Features

This could and should be the shortest paragraph we’ve ever written – because there are, in total, ZERO features – but we will elaborate. So yes, no bonus games and animated oohs and aahs, Lucky 8 Line is all about the hunt for that elusive maximum payout and optimal usage of multipliers. This basically translates to: playing with all paylines is advised, due to special payouts, and also take heed of symbols of seven – if you land nine of them, the thousand-fold payout is due!


This no-modernity, no-nonsense video slot game packs a serious punch when it comes to multipliers and big winnings. And this is what the developer was aiming for, in order to make this game stand out in an ocean of eye-candy video slots offering humble winnings. As far as the goals are indeed justifying the means, Net Entertainment got it right again.

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