Mad Hatters

Mad Hatters Review

It’s like the well-known and much loved character from Alice in wonderland got his own spin-off! Microgaming goes full Lewis Caroll on us with this whimsical game of chasing the lady luck. Without further ado, let’s see what lays ahead.


Here we have a five reels, thirty paylines online slot game. Lower value symbols are depicted as a delicious items from Mad Hatter’s tea-party: cupcakes, chocolate cake, cups and teapots, ice-cream bowls…High value symbols are, you guessed it, cheerful looking mad hatters. Three of them that is. Still, it feels like the element of fun takes a back seat in “Mad Hatters”. Big wins are hard to achieve, so prepare to settle for smaller cash outs and a lot of spinning. But then, it does just enough to keep that bug inside of your mind thinking “what if I do hit a jackpot?” For it sure isn’t impossible.

If we are to be honest about the look of the game (and we are) – do not set your expectations too high. Looking too outdated and simplistic, with not much effort invested into elements like spinning animation or player buttons, graphics leave you thinking it all looks a bit too plain. Undoubtedly, the slots and reels are colorful, and the characters fun and silly in a juvenile way.

Special Features

It’s not a slot game unless there are wild and scatter symbols, and in this case the former is a red top hat, while the latter comes in form of blue rabbit and a wall clock. Land five red top hats in a single row and you will hit that dreamed-of jackpot. Hitting three clocks anywhere in the reels, however, and it’s time to test your fate: you enter a clickable game of guessing behind which clock is the greatest prize. Just click on one of the clocks and…hope for the best.“Mad Hatters really takes off with Free Spins, the strongest section of the game in our view. Three scatter symbols with double multiplier are a common sight here. Four scatters grants you 25 spins, and that’s just fantastic. But…it gets better. Five scatter symbols (trust us, keep going for those) will win you a whopping, staggering, amazing 50, yes 50 free spins! Unheard of.


To quote Mad Hatter himself, we’re all mad here – mad for Free Spins, really, and the moderate, sensible nature of low variation online slots. If you’re into just having a bit of casual fun whilst keeping a prospect of moderate winnings, look no further – the hatter is your friend.

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