Twisted Circus

Twisted Circus Review

It may be open for discussion whether glory days of circus are long gone, but the whimsical nature of these temples of family fun lingers on. It turns out, the freak show circus theme works just fine when applied to the world of online slot gambling – the vibrant colors, the dangerous splendor of fire eaters and snake charmers all find their place withing reel of fantastic world of Twisted Circus.


This popular Microgaming installment is a five reel slot game boasting all sorts of hidden bonuses to please your slot cravings. This is a 243 ways win game, meaning the left to right adjacent symbols that match bring in the “dough”. The game tends to take off slowly, meaning there won’t be an awful lot of action for some time before variance kicks in. Patience is advised, for when this game comes into its own, it truly shines. Keep playing and, more importantly, keep investing – as this is the kind of slot game that bigger deposits provide you with exponentially growing possibility of winning a jackpot that can amount up to 100x the bet you placed. Bets per spin can be anything from $0.40 up to $400.

Visually speaking, the developer did a magnificent job of extending the real-life glitz and pizzazz of freak show circus into digital realm. Beautifully grotesque characters – ranging from the inevitable World’s Strongest Man across bizarre half woman-half man or adorable violin playing monkeys to the exotically gorgeous snake charmer lady – all adorn the stunningly colorful glamour of the reels. The subtle variation on a legendary circus tune accompanies the player along the way, with both graphic and musical elements exploding in unison once a bonus is won – fireworks, lights, fire effects…you will not want for nothing!

Special Features

Twisted Circus delivers a decent amount of juicy extras for your eyes and spinning finger to feast upon. The wild symbol, presented in the form of a fiery game logo, works as a 3x multiplier. Free spins are your safest bet (pun intended) for making some actual winnings – landing three or more easily distinguished scatter symbols will transport you to creepy 13 free spins. During these spins, all of your potential prizes are payed out three fold – not bad at all, we’re sure you agree. Whatsmore – and this is a big thumbs up – you are able to access bonus games even during these free spins.

A true showstopper is activating Circus Match mini games in which picking stars (all lined up in 16 squares) will reveal circus characters. Your goal is to find the three that match. Depending on a character you unravel, you will win a prize in accordance to those.


The oddity of this online slot game is in its entertaining value coupled with the fact that it requires a cunning strategy of placing bet and keeping focus in the midst of times when the action seems low. So, step right up and enter the tent – the show must go on, indeed.

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