Vegas, baby!

Vegas, Baby! Review

Isn’t it slightly odd how there’s a definite shortage of Vegas themed online slot games, seeing as gambling and all its derivatives (slots included) pretty much originated from Sin City? Whatever the reason, IGT is there to save the day and pay respects where they’re due. With that said, in Vegas, Baby! they’ve produced a worthy homage to 50-60s Vegas as we (didn’t) know it, and they certainly emphasized the atmosphere to the max.


The basics here are as follows: 5 reels and 20 paylines are your playground and the betting amount is anywhere in between 1 and 100. The selection of symbols includes the regular variety of numbers and letters posing as low-value symbols and high-value ones. A pair gambling over a roulette table, a flamboyant looking showgirl, cocktails and drinks, a stack of chips and a pile of money (everyone’s favorite) and a sign that says weddings (many people made and are making vows in Vegas). Game logo is a wild, while a scatter symbol simply says “bonus”.

A very lively jazz big band is prevalent throughout the entire gameplay – a very welcome choice for a soundtrack, in our opinion. The glitz and glamor of world’s gambling capital are applied in a very realistic fashion, as far as realism goes on video slots. Each good outcome is accompanied by an enthusiastic male narrator, for whom we thought would become irritating after a while, but is a pretty fun addition to the game. The lights, the colors, the shapes – all are made in favor of bringing that unmistakable authentic Vegas style closer to you.

Special Features

Not a whole lot of them, mind you, but they’re still nice. As is the norm, landing a scatter symbol anywhere on the reels thrice (or more) will grant a round of free spins, 15 of them. However, during this more scatter symbols can be landed so the total potential amount of free spins can reach 180! Wild symbol has a very handy superpower of doubling any of your winnings, provided that it is the part of a winning combo.


It is our verdict that given the difficulty of the task that is recreating a Las Vegas casino, Vegas, Baby! is a resounding success. The commentary is a nice touch and we must imagine that winning a jackpot on this particular online slot is something to experience!

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