Victorious Review

Hail, Caesar! Trace your way back 2000 years to the glorious realm of Roman Empire, where Net Entertainment is the sole sovereign. While there certainly is a thematic impact and that extra oomph, the end result falls flat somewhat and you’d think you’ve been lumbered with soldiers who are constant reserves in a camp somewhere in the Alps that are never called into war. But there are good sides, as always, so let’s address both good and the…less good.


“Victorious” is a five reel, 243 paylines online slot game dedicated to the conqueror in all of us. It’s on the low-variance side, which is a double-sided coin, as always: on one hand, there isn’t too much excitement and the promise of a big battle falls short of such grand expectations of glory. On the other hand, you won’t be broke in an eye-beat, so extended gameplay is more or less promised. The low-end symbols is the usual batch of engraved letters and numbers, while high value ones are the emperor, centurion, a soldier, a marching legion, whereas golden wreath and golden eagle are a scatter and a wild, respectively.

Seeing as it’s set in one of the most awe-inspiring empires to have ever graced Earth, the looks of the game is as disciplined as an elite Roman phalanx. The developer’s team did a fine job with mimicking and bringing ancient Rome aesthetics back to live, with square design, neat and tidy lines and clean layout. A host of Roman elements are present (legions, helmets, SPQR staffs and spears) and the display is adorned with discrete amounts of color most associated with Rome, maroon and gold. An occasional fanfare will announce a winning combination.

Special Features

Not too much to write home about here, it’s just the selection of your free spins. And even though we may sound underwhelmed, free spins are always nice. That said, you will get whether 15, 20 or 25 spins, depending on the amount of golden wreaths won (and they have to be placed consecutively). All of the winnings during free spin mode will be tripled. Still, there won’t be a shortage of winning spins, since 243 paylines mean just that – only , don’t expect enormous multiplications of your deposits, should you win.


While it may be too much low-key and, dare we say, bloodless at times (ironic, seeing as how much bloodshed Roman armies incurred), it’s a not to shabby of an addition to slot games with ancient world themes.

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