Jumpman Gaming (Bingo Vision) Bingo Sites

Jumpman Gaming, formerly Bingo Vision Software, hit the web in September 2011 with the rebranding of Quiz Show Bingo as Lights Camera Bingo – the first Jumpman Gaming-powered site to launch on the 15 Network.

By early 2013, seven sites had signed up to the 15 Network, with Jumpman Gaming powering the online bingo games on all of them.

As the name suggests, Jumpman Gamin’s distinguishing factor is its bright visual brand identity, and its graphics are easily as vivid as any other bingo software platform currently available.

This has helped it to carve its own niche in a competitive market, and many in the industry are already tipping Jumpman Gaming to become much more widespread in the years to come.

Also Known As…

Aside from the individual bingo sites on the 15 Network, there are a couple of other brand names to look out for when you’re on the hunt for Jumpman Gaming sites.

The first is QSB Gaming, the parent company of which Jumpman Gaming is one division, and a respected name in its own right thanks to the industry veterans who worked on creating Jumpman Gaming.

Second is 15 Marketing – as you might guess, this is the specialist eGaming agency that runs the 15 Network, but it promotes sites on any bingo software platform, so you’re equally likely to see its name linked with the Dragonfish Network and other such software.

Promos and Bonuses

Jumpman Gaming takes a typically innovative approach to its bonuses, with offers you might not expect to see anywhere else.

For example, several sites on the 15 Network run a Wheel of Fortune promo on sign-up, whereby you receive a guaranteed £20 in free bonus credit when you deposit £10, and also get to spin a virtual wheel for a further bonus of up to £2,500.

Refer a friend to a Jumpman Gaming site and you can expect a further bonus of around £5, while several also operate loyalty schemes to reward regular players with free gaming credit.


While Jumpman Gaming is still in its infancy, relatively speaking, it has already made several big winners, with payouts of £500 not uncommon in its bingo rooms.

The network’s instant-win games are where the big money can be found, however, with several prizes of four and five figures paid out over the months since Jumpman Gaming launched.

At the time of writing, the single biggest-ever winner on a Jumpman Gaming instant-win game was ‘diytony’ at a sum of £14,107.75.

Winners are listed regardless of which site in the network they were playing on, so you’ve got as much chance of claiming a big prize as anyone else on the Jumpman Gaming network.

That means you’re probably best choosing your favourite site based either on the ongoing bonuses it offers or, ideally for this network, based on the site with the most eye-catching graphics for your tastes.

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