Collaborating With a Toddler

Most parents try to keep their little children away from their work, and Texas-based artist Mica Angela Hendricks felt the same. She got a new sketchbook, and she worried that her four-year-old daughter Myla would scribble all over her precious drawings. So she kept Myla far away from her sketchbook.

But Myla had learned one lesson very well: that we have to share. When her mother refused to let her play with the sketchbook, she said “if you can’t share, we’ll have to take it away.”

Stunned by her daughter’s precocious yet unassailable logic, Mica was inspired. She agreed that Myla could play with the sketchbook, but they would share the doodles. Mica would start an illustration, and Myla could finish it.

The result is surprising. Instead of simply scribbling, Myla took her job very seriously, adding a layer of whimsy and imagination that is unexpected and charming – to adults, anyway. To kids, it must look positively reasonable, if a bit funny.

Below are a selection of the images they have drawn. All of the images belong to Mica and Myla, and you can look at these and more of Mica’s artwork at

Pollock in the Tub

Jackson Pollock in a bathtub, cleaning up after painting

Honey Bear E

Hungry bear has a snack

Bette Davis Slug

Bette Davis as a slug, playing on a sunny day

Dragon's Awkward Phase

Dragon, going through an awkward phase

Tip O the Hat

Mr Elephant says hullo

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