The Funniest Looking Furniture

Going furniture shopping can be tedious. There are only so many ways to design a bookshelf, a sofa or a bed, right? Well, no one told these furniture designers because they have built clocks, beds and tables that are as much a punch line as they are functional pieces of furniture.

So just how wacky can furniture get? Read on to see.

Straight Line Designs creates a lot of conceptual furniture and art installations, and they really let their imaginations fly. Below are just a handful of their designs.

ripped chest of drawers sassy clock wee table

Have you ever thought that your loo roll holder is great, but it should be able to hold ten rolls at once? This tree holder is for you, then.

tree roll holder

If a tree in the WC is too mainstream for you, how about a burger in the bedroom? The Hamburger Bed has been all over the internet since it was custom built.

hamburger bed

A lot of the items in this list are brightly coloured and eye-catching. In comparison, this sumo wrestler table is understated and tasteful.

sumo wrestler table

Designer Maurizio Galante took balls of stuffing and covered them in cactus-printed material to create a sofa that kind of looks comfortable and kind of really doesn’t.

cactus sofa


Could you imagine having any of these? What room would you put them in? How in the world would you decorate with some of these pieces?

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