6 Pretty Pendants You Can Make Yourself

Forget about expensive charms and exclusive Pandora trinkets, the best jewelry is the jewelry you make yourself. It’s not just personal, cheap and fun, you can also bet that nobody else is wearing your favorite necklace – plus home made pendants make perfect gifts for friends and family too! So what are you waiting for? Get crafty!

You’ll find chains and accessories a-plenty at your local charity shops so don’t be tempted to spend your pennies on expensive equipment – save them to play bingo online instead!

1. Penny Pendant

This pretty penny pendant can be made with any design you can find on transfer paper (you may come across these referred to as “decals”). You’ll need a hammer and screw to make your hole, embossing powder and patterned transfer paper, along with this fun tutorial from the very clever Just Something I Made.

2. Wine Cork Pendants


You don’t really need any of the fancy equipment shown in this tutorial, but little extras like a vice will help you keep things nice and precise. Then all you need to do is stamp your cork with your chosen inky design and add a 5m eye screw for hanging.

3.Silhouette Charms

Jojo and Eloise’s lengthy tutorial will teach you how to make these gorgeous pendants yourself from scratch. It’s not a particularly speedy project but the outcome is lovely – great for working on over a weekend!

4.Wooden Pendants

These pendants can be turned into necklaces or key chains – and they’re totally unisex too! Lil Blue Boo’s tutorial will help you create your own and come up with the perfect design to add to your pendant.

5. Mini Spell Book Pendants


For those of you with witchy tendencies, this is the perfect pendant; wrapped in old leather and small enough to look intriguing and cute. To make your own we strongly suggest taking a look at Ruby Murray’s brilliant tutorial. Hubble bubble!

6. Home Town Map Pendant

They say that home is where the heart is. With this geographical pendant you can wear where you come from close to your chest. Salt & Pepper Mom’s tutorial is thorough and easy to follow, but you’re going to need a few slightly more specialist bits and pieces including frame pendants to make yours.

Are you going to give any of these pretty pendants a go? Which is your favourite? Do you have any cool creations of your own? Share your ideas and your snaps with our readers below or via Twitter @TwoLittleFleas

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