5 Frugal (& Frightful!) Halloween Money Saving Ideas

There’s no need to break the bank to have tonnes of spooky fun this Halloween. If you like to save money by playing our bingo with no deposit bonus games or by shopping around for the very best supermarket bargains, you’re going to love our 5 low—cost & ghoulish ideas for your family’s very own fright night! Forget buying costumes and say no to store bought sweeties, it’s time to get weird and mysterious with our fun and frugal Halloween ideas!

1. DIY Cardboard RIPs

With some cardboard, grey paint and a permanent marker, you can create some spooky tombstones for your front garden, doorstep or home for next to nothing. We love a gravestone with a pun on it, but that’s just us! Kyle B. Back, RIP.

2. Get More Out of Your Pumpkin

Are you the kind of family who get so excited about Halloween that your pumpkin’s out on the porch by mid-October? There’s no judgement here! But if you’d like to get the most out of your pumpkin, here’s are a clever way to help your spooky vegetable last a little longer…

Once you’ve scraped out your pumpkin’s innards, give it a good wash inside with a mix of bleach and water before letting it dry completely. Once it’s dry, pop a little Vaseline on its carved surfaces and stand it on a piece of card of newspaper instead of cold concrete.

3. Make Creepy Curtains

Trick or treaters love it when the next house on their quest for sugar makes an effort! Creepy curtains made from your normal black bin liners make an awesome entrance. Simply cut your bin bags into strips and hang them along the top of your door. Bwah ha ha ha!

4. Grow Your Own Pumpkin

This is a great tip for next Halloween. Pumpkins get expensive in October, but growing your own is really cheap and surprisingly easy. It’s also a great project for the kids to help with! Here’s a quick guide to growing your own.

5. Costume Swap!

Whether you’re looking for the perfect get up for a grown up party or hunting for something spooky for your little ghosts and ghoulies, a costume swap is a great way to save money. If your best friend made an amazing Dracula last year, swap her look for your zombie nurse this year!

Do you have any clever money saving Halloween tips to share with our bingo lovers? Share your ideas and frugal Halloween plans with them below or tweet  @TwoLittleFleas!

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