5 Healthy Snacks We Can’t Stop Snaffling

The TwoLittleFleas team work hard every day to bring you the very best daily no deposit bingo deals and the latest online bingo offers, which means we like to keep our energy levels up with a healthy snack or three! If you’re a snack fan too, these 5 ridiculously scrummy snacks will keep your blood sugar up, your taste buds tantalised and your conscience clear – they’re all unbelievably low in calories! Get stuck in, guilt-free…

1. White Bean & Basil Hummus


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Hummus is the perfect healthy snack. Delicious, low-fat (depending on your ingredients!) and ideal for dipping crunchy carrots, celery and, well, anything you like. Here’s an unusual twist on the dip which uses molybdenum-rich white beans (great for your gastro-intestinal health) and basil to create a smooth, flavoursome snack.

2. Kale Chips


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There’s no getting away from kale at the moment, and there’s a reason why it’s everybody’s superfood dujour right now. Not only is kale packed with nutrients and low in calories, it’s also a super tasty green! Turn this leafy wonder into a yummy snack with this great kale chip recipe.

3. Beetroot Chips & Curried Yoghurt


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You’re not going to believe how tasty these beetroot beauties are – or that this is a teeny weeny 180 calorie snack! You’ll find a good recipe which involves deep frying here, but if you want a low fat content, we recommend simply slicing and oven baking your beets for shame-free snacking. Choose a low fat Greek yoghurt too, to stay sin free!

4. Sweet’n’Spicy Popcorn


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Trust us, this sweet and spicy popcorn is ridiculously Moorish, one second it’s there, the next it’s gone. A little cinnamon, a little chilli powder and some argave syrup are all it takes to turn regular popcorn into a 275 calorie taste sensation in under 5 minutes. Here’s how to rustle up a batch.

5. Almond Bananas


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Craving something sweet? These scrumptious almond bananas are sweet and gooey on the inside and crunchily nutty on the outside. Served with a healthy dollop of low fat custard you’ve got yourself a scrumptious, guilt-free treat!

What’s your favourite guilt-free snack? Share yours with our other peckish readers below or send your snaps and recipes to the hungry TwoLittleFleas team via Twitter @TwoLittleFleas.

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