Get Ready for the New Series of Downton Abbey!


Frankly, Downton Abbey can’t get back on the air fast enough, as far as we’re concerned. Still, like everyone else, we have to wait until September to find out what happens the Crawleys and all of their guests (like a new visitor played by Richard E Grant).

Still, there’s plenty to keep us holding on until the wonderful day when it is back on the air. Below are some clips to help you get ready for the new series of Downton Abbey!

A montage of Matthew and Mary’s relationship

The Countess’s best lines

Clips of award-winning moments

The cast discusses their characters’ defining moments

The official series 5 teaser trailer


If that’s not enough to hold you over, maybe this will make you feel better. While we’ve got to wait until September for the new series of Downton Abbey, the Americans won’t get the new episodes until January next year!

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