Soap Spoilers for 21st July

As the weather’s warmed up, so have things on our favourite soaps. We couldn’t wait to find out what is gonna happen next, so we didn’t.

Below are some mind-blowing soap spoilers for some of the best soaps on TV.

Emmerdale’s drugs scandals

Emmerdales unconscious Finn


Two men in Emmerdale get mixed up with drugs, but only one is battling addiction. The other was the victim of a terrible crime. Finn meets up with his mystery man, Brad, for drinks when things go terribly wrong. Brad slips something into Finn’s drink, then leaves his limp body in a car in a carbon monoxide-filled barn. Cain and Pete discover Finn and get him to hospital, and Cain reveals that the car is actually Brad’s. It soon becomes clear that Brad had the worst intentions for Finn, but soon we’ll learn that it may have been even worse than that. Doctors discover Rohypnol in Finn’s system, leading his family and friends to fear he may have been raped as well.

Meanwhile, Adam continues to struggle in the grip of his drug addiction. Jobless and strapped for cash, he finds it impossible to resist taking the veterinary drugs that fall out of Vanessa’s bag. After trying to sell the containers to Pete, he instead takes the drugs with Robbie. By that time, Vanessa realises she’s missing the drugs, and she calls the police. As the police head over to the farm where Adam and Robbie are, Pete warns Adam, who heads over to the stables. There, Moira and Cain find him in a state, and they watch him vomit and collapse. They call an ambulance, and amidst the hubbub, Pete tells Cain that Adam tried to sell him the drugs.

Hollyoaks’ violence gets worse

Hollyoaks Cameron and Sam


Hollyoaks has recently been named the most violent soap on television, surpassing EastEnders, and these soap spoilers show why. It all starts today, with Cameron kidnapping Sam. He demands to know why she framed him, which resulted in his long prison stretch, and she eventually tells him that she was trying to keep him away from Leela. He goes to see Leela, and when she is attacked during a burglary, everyone suspects him straight away. Finally, it’s time for Maxine and Patrick’s wedding. Right before the ceremony, however, Maxine confronts Patrick, admitting she doesn’t want to marry him. He cries and begs, which leads her down the aisle, but will she say “I do”? We sincerely hope not.

EastEnders’ Carol has too much on her plate

EastEnders and Carol


Carol already has enough to worry about, what with her double mastectomy looming on the horizon, but there seems to be no rest for the weary in this soap. After all, Tina has been running amok, and Carol feels the pressure to report her to the police – and to protect her. Not that she needs to rush, as the police are sniffing around anyway, adding to Carol’s worries. After all, Aunt Babe and Tina had been working on “special brownies” at the cafe, and though Dean helps Aunt Babe hide her stash, it soon becomes a less than secret operation when Shirley discovers the stash and the truth about who’s behind it.

On top of all that, Carol has to worry about the Branning family’s financial situation. It’s almost too much for one woman to bear.

Coronation Street and Nick’s fury

Coronation Street and Nick kicking off


On Monday, the best part of Corrie looks set to be seeing Nick lose it over and over again. It all starts when he and Leanne go to mediation to hash it all out. Instead of finding agreement, however, they soon start bickering and insulting each other, seemingly leading inevitably to the courtroom. It gets worse still for Nick when he leaves the failed mediation, only to find his car being towed away. When he sees what his mum Gail has been up to all day – helping Michael restore an old ice cream van – he yells at her and physically attacks the van.

Michael squares up to Nick, and they are both ready for a fight when Steph shows up and manages to get Nick back to the Bistro before anything regrettable happens. Still, his anger needs to be let out somewhere, so he lashes out at Steph when she mentions it is her night off. He threatens to fire her if she doesn’t cancel her plans to come to work, and she realises that he’s not someone to be ignored right now.


Well, that was fun but ultimately counterproductive. After all, we’ve got through all the soap spoilers, but now we want to know what happens next!

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