The 15 Funniest Kitchen Gadgets

Some kitchen gadgets, like garlic presses and balloon whisks, look pretty funny when you think about them, but they are designed that way for a very practical reason. Some kitchen gadgets, like the ones below, seem to be designed just to make you chuckle.

Check out 15 of the funniest kitchen gadgets below.


This self-stirring mug takes all the work out of adding sugar to your tea.

self stirring mug

If you like everything just so, this OCD Chef chopping board may be just what you need to make sure all your food is cut to exactly the same size.

OCD chopping board

You are probably tired of cutting your pizza and lifting it off the tray in two motions, right? Well, so were the inventors of these pizza scissors.

pizza scissors

These wand-shaped salt and pepper shakers add a little magic to the act of seasoning your food, which makes them charming as well as funny.

salt and pepper wand

Bananas are not hard or time consuming to cut, but if you’d like to shave precious seconds off your Weetabix preparation time, you should get this banana slicer.

banana slicer

Separating the yolk from the white of an egg can be really gross. This egg separator makes it both cleaner and grosser.

egg separator

Controlling the portion sizes of spaghetti has never been easier or funnier than when you use this spaghetti measuring tool.

spaghetti measuring tool

Speaking of spaghetti, it can be difficult to twirl onto a fork. The makers of this motorised fork seem to think so, anyway.

motorised fork

Sometimes you want to add a sense of occasion to a cake cutting, but you don’t want to sing or put on a CD. In that case, you can whip out this musical cake slice and have it play “The Wedding March”, “Happy Birthday”, “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow” or “Jingle Bells”.

Musical cake slice

The Deep Tea Diver infuser isn’t all that funny in and of itself, but it’s name is just brilliant.

tea infuser

This cake divider might seem silly and a waste of money at first glance, but when you think about all the fights kids have over portion sizes, it stops seeming so silly. Still, it looks a bit odd, doesn’t it?

cake divider

This condiment gun makes something you never thought would be interesting and puts a cute twist on it. Just don’t give it to anyone who can’t resist the obvious temptation.

condiment gun

The Bar10der might look funny, but its usefulness is no laughing matter: it has ten bartending tools in one handy gadget.


Called the Cherry Chomper, this gadget removes the stones from cherries with a great big grin.

cherry chomper

If you want to fry an egg in the shape of toast, we won’t tell you not to get this egg shaper. The little chick on it might try, judging by the look on its face!

egg shaper


Could you use any of these gadgets? Would you give any as gifts? What’s the craziest kitchen gadget you have?

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