9 Bingo Sites We’re Amazed Don’t Exist Already

There are hundreds and hundreds of bingo sites out there nowadays.

We’ve seen some crazy designs and brands become reality, but there’s always a few ideas that nobody seems to have come up with yet.

So, we wracked our brains and came up with some fun suggestions for sites that we’re amazed don’t exist already.

Seriously, some of these seem so obvious!

Fluffy Bingo


Fluffy Favourites is one of the most popular games out there, yet it doesn’t seem to have much bingo love for some reason.

Put the pink elephant and the hippo on a bingo site and you have a sure-fire hit on your hands. Actually, you could probably put those animals on anything nowadays and have great success!

Plus, with Fluffy Too now available to play, Fluffy fever is only going to grow and grow. Come on guys, we want a Fluffy Bingo!

Baby Bingo


We’ve seen baby shower bingo before, but Baby Bingo is still missing from the online world.

Cute designs help bingo sites become amazingly popular. Babies are some of the cutest things in the whole world, ergo Baby Bingo is a good idea!

Babies also represent fun and that’s exactly what we want from a bingo site. More cute babies please!

Chocolate Bingo


There’s loads and loads and loads of sweet treats in the online bingo world.

Cupcakes? Check. Candy. Check. Chocolate? Surprisingly, no! Despite its immense popularity, chocolate apparently isn’t sweet enough to have its own bingo site.

Perhaps it’s for the best. Over-indulging your sweet tooth is never a good thing.

Toy Bingo


Admittedly, we’re not too sure about this one. Toys are great fun, but will they come to life when we’re not looking? That’s a little bit weird.

Amazingly, despite being the perfect representation of fun and games, there is no Toy Bingo in the online world. It sounds like a good idea, but for whatever reason, it hasn’t happened yet.

Stop toying with us site operators!

Werewolf Bingo


Thanks to Twilight and The Vampire Diaries, werewolves are no longer as terrifying as they once were.

Werewolf Bingo still doesn’t exist though, which seems odd. Vampire Bingo has been around for a while and Scary Bingo doesn’t feature werewolves either.

Maybe Werewolf Bingo only comes out when there’s a full moon?

Zombie Bingo


Like werewolves, zombies are no longer just terrifying monsters. Their popularity has skyrocketed in recent years and it doesn’t look like stopping anytime soon.

So where is Zombie Bingo? It sounds like a great Halloween idea.

A zombie-themed design would be very, very strange, but we’re certain it could work. The cute approach probably wouldn’t work here though… It should be one for the thrill-seekers!

Bonfire Bingo

happy new year from two little fleas

Perhaps the most surprising inclusion on this list?

Bonfire Bingo sounds like such an obvious idea, but nobody has picked it up yet! Bonfire Night is one of the greatest spectacles around – being able to enjoy it all year round sounds like fun.

It would certainly add a touch of sparkle to the online bingo world, anyway.

Jungle Bingo


We’ve seen a few jungle-related sites before (like Monkey Bingo, for example), but the fact that Jungle Bingo doesn’t exist yet is kinda weird.

We’re picturing a combination of cute animals and tall, green trees. It sounds like a good idea, right?

There’s loads of jungle-themed slot games out there already – where’s the bingo love?

Soap Bingo


Not long ago, a study into online bingo showed that many players enjoy playing while watching their favourite soap.

We’ve already seen shows like Emmerdale and Coronation Street appear on various sites, but why hasn’t one site adapted the idea of a soap opera for the bingo world?

Create a small town and a bunch of characters, use them in your site’s design and you’re onto a winner in our books. Move them about to replicate storylines and you give players a reason to come back too!

Why has Bobby moved into the laundrette? Why are Sue and Bill suddenly looking angry with each other? Sounds like a genius idea!

Do you have any other ideas for good bingo sites? Were you genuinely surprised by any of the inclusions on this list?

Let us know!

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