Bingo Bloggers

Two Little Fleas wanted to create a page where anyone could voice their views on any issue related to bingo, gaming or gambling; that’s why we created Bingo Bloggers in July 2014 to provide a space where bingo lovers could write without constraint about the game they love. If you think you have what it takes, we would love to hear from you! All you need is a strong passion for bingo and a word processor. Email us at introducing yourself and let us know what you would like to write about!

Putting the charity back into bingo

Did you know that the origins of bingo are charitable? I bet you didn’t. Not many people know this, unfortunately. I was therefore delighted to see that bingo was being put to really good charitable purposes last week. Indeed, Two Little Fleas reported that, a bingo night at a school in Derbyshire was used to… Read more »

Nanny-state is now attacking Tesco gambling

Is there any private space that busy-bodies don’t like sticking their nose in? Whether it is smoking in your car, or nasty politicians telling you how much sugar you can eat, it seems that every space is now totally and utterly violated by the nanny-state. Well, unsurprisingly now some jobsworth councillor in Dundee, Scotland, called… Read more »

Was the $350,000 world cup gambler insane?

I was amused to read the story here on Two Little Fleas about the US gambler who nearly lost $350,000 on a football match, all for the comparatively measly return of $20,000. Reckless, no doubt, was my first thought. Certainly I am very confused as to why someone would decide to gamble so much money… Read more »

Bingo halls were horrible, playing online is nicer

Humans have a terrible tendency to see their history through rose-tinted glasses. Think for a second – do you know anyone over the age of 60 who doesn’t say that things were better in their day? Have you ever considered, dear reader, whether the generation before them also said things were better in their day?… Read more »

So it turns out politicians are hypocrites, who knew?

So, there you have it. If ever you needed an example of why you should never trust a politician this is it – instead of working, as we pay them to do, most politicians and their aides have been gambling online in-between arranging affairs and watching pornography, as revealed this weekend. Most of them in… Read more »

Bingo is better than sex

I was asked very recently by an old friend to describe the euphoria of playing bingo. She has never been sold on bingo. I have tried to convert her, but reader – what can you do? Either you get it or you don’t, you know? There is little middle ground with our beloved sport. The… Read more »