New Mobile App Launched to Combat Problem Gambling

It’s estimated almost 500,000 people suffer from a gambling problem, that’s half a million people who may not have access to help and resources needed to tackle the issue. It’s true to say there are many free-to-use websites dedicated to helping many of those, but sometimes the temptation to gamble just comes too easily. But what if there was an app that could help tackle the heart of the issue instead of masking it?

Gambless recently launched a new mobile app which has been designed to prevent and offer treatment for those who it deems as susceptible to “pathological gambling.” Founded in 2019, the company was created to specifically spread awareness and prevention of gambling addiction while promoting sustainability in the gambling industry. The aim to fight the stigma surrounding gambling addiction by reaching people in need.

Maurizio Savino, CEO at Gambless commented: “There are three main reasons why problem gamblers fail to get treatment: the low awareness on the topic, the stigma still associated to mental illness, and the price/accessibility of therapy. With Gambless we tackle all three, spreading education, ensuring full privacy and offering affordable support programs.”

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…with informative materials, self-help tools, coping-skills techniques and tailored support programs to achieve long-term success. The app encourages users to keep track of mood trends as well as offering access to online therapy courses and analytic tools to give encouragement and motivation to keep going. According to Gambless, there are six types of gamblers; compulsive-pathological, relief and escape, casual and serious social gamblers, professional gamblers and antisocial gamblers and of all of these, compulsive-pathological gamblers are the most concerning.

What is a compulsive-pathological gambler? Someone who has lost all sense of control over their gambling habits and are classified as having a pathological disorder. Altered moods, a feeling of guilt, self-destruction and even going as far as turning to criminal activity to fund their habits is not uncommon for this type of gambler. The good news is there is plenty of help out there!

Gambless is free to download on the Apple App Store and Google Play and offers an emergency Chat Bot and lots of useful resources to help combat gambling addiction. But there are a few things you can do yourself other than download the app; you can put a stop to the spending and here’s how; banking apps now facilitate a spending freeze option where users can turn off specific purchases and one of those just happens to be for gambling. If you turn this option from on to off, you will not be able to make a deposit on gambling websites.

Responsible gaming is fun, but when the fun stops, so should you. Having a deposit limit in place will allow you to play within your means and will restrict the urge to spend more. Operators like Tombola have a safe play section where you can control how much you spend on various games too! We urge you to take advantage of these safety measures!

Source: “Gambless Launches its Mobile App and Announces Partnership with Lottoland”. August 31, 2020.

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