Win-Credible Bingo Story of Luck and Big Cash!

Last week we brought you news on how a lucky postwoman from the UK delivered herself a great big Mecca Bingo win of £140,242.28p, and as huge as that was, it hasn’t generated half as much interest as their latest winner. A sum of £51,000 has recently been won by a bingo player and while the sum of the previous winner was almost three times that, it was how it was won that’s causing shockwaves!

The recent unnamed jackpot winner has hit the gambling headlines after it was revealed this isn’t her first win – nor is it her first jackpot win! Over the last 4-years, a woman known only by the username ‘sweet-cucumber’ has amassed a total of 6 jackpot wins, the value of all six combined is some £80,000! Again, not as much as that £140+ win, but people are starting to question just how much luck is involved in making a winner.

Shock-Horror Response:

The announcement was met with a barrage of comments, most of which were messages of congratulations, however, there are some claiming it is just pure greed with others claiming Mecca Bingo must be selecting its winners. Let’s think about that for a moment. All games must be proven to be fair time and time again, or the gambling regulatory body would come down on the operator like a ton of bricks! And nobody wants bad publicity.

To calm the bingo community down, Laura Bacon took to the ‘winner’s hub’ to say that “repeated big wins are not unheard of, but to win six big prizes is incredibly lucky.” The 50-something bingo dabber triggered her win on just a stake of 18p and it wasn’t on one of their latest gaming releases either, it was on a game of bingo! When her win cleared, she bought much-needed baby supplies for families in need. Upon hearing how the winner though of charity before herself, Laura said: “We’re really happy for our jackpot winner and it’s lovely to hear how she’s been helping others.”

In a winner’s statement released to the bingo community, the lucky woman said: I’ve had all the luck, I can’t believe it. I’ve been playing with Mecca for 10 years and I’ve got so many friends online in the chat rooms which has been a real lifeline through lockdown, especially as I caught COVID at New Year – I’m glad to be feeling much better now.”

Bingo-ing Mad!

Mecca’s Premier Jackpots have been running for over a year now paying over £1.5million to some 5,000 players, and on average, 15 jackpots are won every day. Whether you’re playing in the Emoji Bingo room or choose to play one of the many unique bingo games, the chance to win extra is always there! Aside from the latest £51K win, the recent premier jackpot winners include:

  • On 2nd January 2021, baileytilly secured herself £26,856.40 in Gold Rush.
  • On 2nd January 2021, janetwint won the Premiere Platinum Jackpot at £33,889.47 in Jive Talking bingo.
  • On 24th December 2020, SANDERS04 won the Premiere Diamond Jackpot in Emoji bingo.
  • On 20th December 2020, kacher won the Premiere Platinum jackpot of £26,658.90 in Supersonic bingo.

The biggest winners to date include:

  • On 5th July 2020, bigsil won the Premiere Platinum Jackpot at a phenomenal £110,518.14
  • On 14th May 2020, psycho280903 won the biggest Premiere Diamond Jackpot pay-out so far – £77,906.77!

How to Win a Premier Jackpot:

To start with, you need to be playing in a qualifying bingo room. These are indicated on the presence of a red crown in the lobby. When you have your room, next step is to buy your tickets. Each of the games offer the usual prizes of one-lines, two-lines (where available!) and a full house. No need to call in an insanely low number of calls to win like the Jumpman Gaming bingo millions rooms, just win the full house and you may trigger a jackpot chance.

Randomly on any full house win…

…an exclusive bonus jackpot wheel may appear. If you land on no win, you only win the full house prize you previously secured. Land on one of the following and win some extra and hopefully big cash:

  • The Premiere Bronze Jackpot is a £10 pot and goes on average every 2 hours.
  • The Premiere Silver Jackpot is a £50 pot and goes on average twice a day.
  • The Premiere Gold Jackpot is a £100 pot and goes on average once a day.
  • The Premiere Platinum Jackpot is a progressive starting at £5,000 and goes on average twice a month.
  • The Premiere Diamond Jackpot is a progressive jackpot starting at £10,000 and is won on average, once a month.

Terms and conditions apply.

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