Woman Turned Down for Mortgage Buys a House Outright Just a Week Later After Bagging Life-Changing Online Bingo Win

Mortgages are fickle things. By the time you’ve read through all the terms and conditions are requirements, you’re either past retirement age or fed up of reading! Owning our homes is something we all want to do, but getting a mortgage is not as easy as it seems. It wasn’t for one mum from Wales anyway.

Self-employed hairdresser Samantha McKay tried in vain to stamp her mark on the property world but was turned down flat (no pun intended). Saddened by the news, the 32-year old mum decided to have a shot at online bingo to see if her luck was in and she couldn’t believe her eyes when it was!

Logging into her favourite online bingo site for the first time since taking a breather last year, she managed to win the grand sum of £250K! Just a week prior to being told no to her dream home, she manages to win more than the cost of the house itself, so immediately cashed out and headed straight to the estate agent.

Slapping £191K on the table (metaphorically), Samantha managed to buy her dream home but without the monthly bind of the mortgage. Her initially bet of £1 netted her £1K, but she knew her luck was in and carried on playing.

Her grand win led to £50K and then, with her final bet of £200, the largest stake she could place, she watched as the staggering sum of £200K flew into her bankroll. Making the bingo withdrawal was a piece of cake and instead of waiting years to save up just for a deposit, she managed to not only treat herself, but her family too.

What did she play? That’s’ the question hot on everyone’s lips, but despite no details being given, the media supplied to Wales Online https://www.walesonline.co.uk dropped a major hint – Slingo!

Along with her partner Damien, the pair had been saving for a house of their own for 11-years. Now, they can stop saving and start enjoying themselves. With the leftover winnings, Samantha bought her mum a holiday caravan before heading back to work in the barber shop she owns in Porthcawl.

No Time to Lose!

Reliving the moment, she told the local press of her shock: “When I saw the amount flash up screen I nearly died – I couldn’t believe. My husband and I have been saving for nearly 11 years and we were even competing to see who could save the most each month. When I sat him down and told him I’d been playing online bingo I think he thought I’d blown our savings. Then I told him that I’d won. He was in absolute shock when I said it was over £250,000…

…it’s was perfect timing for us after the mortgage we applied for was rejected. We also got brand new furniture and I treated myself to the most expensive bedding I could find. It still doesn’t feel real that we own our house – it’s more than we could have dreamed.”

She continued: She said: “We knew we were going to spend the money on a house straight away. We had been saving for years and it ended up going on our wedding and bills and other things. We’re both self-employed and struggled to get a mortgage and after it was rejected, we were worried we’d never own our place.”

But her luck was about to change! “It was so exciting to walk into the estate agents and just buy a place there and then. We’ve just got the keys, new carpets are being fitted and new furniture is on the way. We got everything – a new sofa, table, washing machine, new carpets fitted throughout the house…

…I also got myself the most expensive bed linen I could find because I’ve always wanted some.”

After all the excitement, the winner has settled back into normality. If that were m, I would still be on cloud nine! Where to play bingo and win? That’s the question we all ask ourselves, but there is no definitive answer. However, if you’re luck’s in, you’re luck’s in!

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