Daily Bingo Jackpot Games at Deep Sea Bingo

Did you know that there’re jackpots here, there and everywhere over at Deep Sea Bingo? Jackpots are ploughed into the slot machines, table games and even instant wins – but you’ll also find more than £5,000 packed into bingo games every week. Daily bingo jackpot games are available to funded players and with tickets starting at just 5p each…

…they offer great value for money.

The following networked promotions can be found on many Dragonfish bingo sites, which does mean more players competing for the cash (boo!), but it also means higher prizes (nice!).

Five Times the Fun:

At the beginning of each week, players may participate in a £10K Sunday Funday game. There’s a prize of up to £10,000 waiting to be won, but this elusive game seems to get the better of most who take part…

…but don’t let that put you off, because if you can’t call house within the (short) ball count stated, you’ll be pleased to learn that there is a guaranteed minimum prize of £2,000 waiting to be won. This 75-ball bingo game starts bang on 8pm every Sunday and tickets cost 50p each.

Dreamy Monday is another 75-ball bingo game, but this time, tickets will cost you considerably less than Sunday’s game. Play to win one of five £120 prizes for just 5p a ticket. Tickets may be purchased until 9:25pm, and this game commences at 9:30pm.

Terrific Tuesday offers up to £1,500 for a 25p ticket. This 90-ball bingo special has a total of three prizes to be won;

  • £250 for the line
  • £500 for the two-lines
  • £750 for the full house

The game kicks off at 9pm.

Wacky Wednesday delivers three prizes every week and by taking part for 50p a ticket, you could be one of the lucky ones scooping a share of £500. Strangely enough, the one-line prize is higher than the two-line prize…

…I’ll assume that’s an error. Make sure you have tickets purchased by 9pm to be included in this jackpot game.

Finally, wishful Thursday kicks off at 9.30pm and has prizes of up to £1,000 to be won. Match the pattern on your ticket to the one displayed to win – it really is as simple as that! Tickets to this one cost just 25p each.

It’s a Mystery:

If you’ve been counting, you’ll notice that I’ve only mentioned five jackpots – but the heading said ‘daily’ jackpots, which would mean at least seven, so maybe I’ve made a mistake? NO! I’m saving the best ‘til last…

…between 6pm and 11pm every day, Deep Sea has a mystery jackpot to be won every 6 minutes – that’s 51 mystery jackpots crammed into a 5-hour session! Now, the excitement with this one comes with the fact that you won’t know what you can win, until after ticket sales are closed. Cash prizes can be anything from £10 to £500! Tickets cost just 10p each and players can purchase a maximum of 96.

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