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Fairy Dust Bingo is the latest site to be launched on the Live Bingo Network. It was revealed to players on June 23, 2014. Two Little Fleas were not massively impressed with this site.

Site simplicity

Registration is clear and simple, and we were signed up and ready to go after just entering a few details, without it being an exhaustive process.

Opening offers

There is not a free bonus when you first sign up, which is a shame. Indeed, it seems odd that it doesn’t offer a £15 free no deposit required bonus like some of the sites that are hosted on the Live Bingo Network.

However, there is a 350% bonus on your first deposit, which is respectable, but nothing unique. Thus, if you deposit £10, you will have a total of £45 to play with. The site is also offering you a 500% bonus on your first three deposits, which is a nice little extra, and certainly encourages you to revisit the site.

How does it look?

Aesthetically, this site is not pleasing. The home page is busy – too busy for our liking. The design layout is a fairly unpleasant pink colour, and features too many moving objects. Indeed, the banner at the top of the page moves too often, and the banner itself appears slightly pixelated. Furthermore, the cartoon figure advertising the mobile bingo aspect of the site is also moving. Together, having more than one thing moving makes the page too hazy. For this reason alone, we marked the site down quite significantly.

The Lobby

The lobby of the site is not all that dissimilar to the home page in terms of feeling cluttered. It just lists the bingo games that are available and/or already being played. To us, it felt to lazily thrown together; rather than enticing players in, it just leaves the impression of being put together in a slap-dash fashion.

Good Bingo range

Once you are all signed up and ready to play, there is classic 90 ball and 75 ball bingo games to choose from, with several different rooms for you to play in, which will certainly keep you entertained. Indeed, there are 16 different rooms in total. There is also 80, 75, and 30 ball bingo games to play, too.

Great slots

For those of you that enjoy playing slot machines alongside bingo, then you’ll be impressed with the games on offer here. As you would expect from Cozy Games, and the Live Bingo Network, there are a vast range of different slots for you to play on, including live casino, free bets, and scratch cards.


The site is friendly. We found that the players were talkative, and the hostess did make us feel welcome.


This site has just slightly let itself down on the design front, and also for the fact that it does not offer a free £15 no deposit required bonus, which is something that several other sites on the network do offer. That said, there are some good bingo rooms, that offer a wide variety of different games, and the slots are impressive.

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