Cozy Games Bingo Sites

Founded in 2005 by several online bingo veterans, Cozy Games has gone from strength to strength. The software now hosts hundreds of sites across three networks – the Live Bingo Network, the Best Bingo Network and the Lucky Duck Network. Cozy also powers the Mobile Casino Network; a series of slot and casino sites.

As a result, there’s quite a few Cozy Games bingo sites to choose from. Should players take the time to pick one from the crowd? Is it worthwhile? Let’s take a look!

Why choose Cozy Games?

Cozy might power a lot of sites, but there’s not a great deal of difference between each one. This approach obviously has various pros and cons, and it’s something to be aware of before choosing a Cozy Games bingo site.

For example, Cozy Games sites have the biggest range of traditional bingo games around. With 30, 50, 75, 80 and 90 ball variants, there’s plenty to try out. However, there’s no difference in the range of games between networks – every game is available at every Cozy site.

Instead, it’s the networks that provide the main differences. Sites on the Live Bingo Network usually have a specific set of offers, while the Best Bingo Network has a different set. When looking at a Cozy site, it’s important to keep this in mind, and make sure you double check which network the site in question is a part of.

Live Bingo Network

With 58 sites (and counting), the Live Bingo Network (LBN) is the biggest that Cozy Games has to offer. Landmark Bingo is the oldest site on the network, and has since been joined by the likes of New Look Bingo, Mummies Bingo and Buttercup Bingo.

Sites on the network usually offer a £15 no deposit bonus, along with a 350% first deposit bonus for all new players. In addition to these welcome offers, the LBN hosts a range of promotions which include a monthly slots tournament, daily jackpot games and special free bingo games, which gives players discounts when they bulk buy tickets.

New sites on Live Bingo Network – May 2017

Ready to try out a new Live Bingo Network site? Here’s a list of new bingo sites that have been added to the network in recent months (May 2017):

Lucky Puppy Bingo

The Bingo Queen

Lucky Diner Bingo

Now Bingo

Best Bingo Network

With just 20 sites, the Best Bingo Network (BBN) seems a lot smaller in scale than Live Bingo Network. However, the differences aren’t huge, and some players will opt to play on the smaller network.

On the BBN, you’ll find sites like Gone Bingo, Bingo Hero and Epic Bingo. All share a £15 no deposit bonus (like LBN sites), but have a slightly enhanced 400% first deposit bonus.

Basically, if big deposit bonuses are important to you, you should look at Best Bingo Network sites before any other Cozy offering.

New sites on Best Bingo Network

If the Best Bingo Network is the best option for you, it’s time to pick a site. Here’s a few recent additions to the network:

Sailor Bingo

Sweet Home Bingo

Bingo Date

Lucky Duck Network

The Lucky Duck Network is the newest addition to Cozy’s portfolio, having launched in 2015. It’s a lot smaller than the other two networks (currently, it hosts just two sites), but it’s also arguably the most unique product that Cozy has to offer.

Again, sites on the Lucky Duck Network – GameVillage Bingo and Bingo Magix – are identical in many ways, but when compared to various LBN or BBN sites, they stand out a bit more. For example, the range of promotions on offer at Lucky Duck sites is a vast improvement. It might be slightly less populated, but there’s still a ton of value to be had here.

Mobile Casino Network

Finally, the Mobile Casino Network is a bit of an odd one out for Cozy Games. There is no bingo to be found anywhere on this network; every site focuses entirely on slot and casino games.

Some of Cozy’s most popular brands have been turned into casino sites for this network too. For example, Aunty Acid Bingo and Scrummy Bingo both have casino variations on the network.

Most popular sites on Cozy Games

Let’s put networks aside for a minute. If you’re looking to try out a Cozy Games bingo site, you’ll want to take a look at the best. Here are the most popular sites using Cozy Games software currently:

Landmark Bingo

GameVillage Bingo

Big Love Bingo

Swanky Bingo

The future of Cozy Games

Cozy Games has had a lot of success with its white label style process. However, bingo sites are set to undergo a lot of changes, and this could dramatically undermine Cozy’s future success.

For starters, in the last budget proposal, the UK Government announced plans to launch a free bet tax which would affect bingo sites. While exact details on this proposal are unclear, no deposit bonuses are going to be a key focus of this tax, meaning operators will have to make major changes or remove them altogether.

Without a no deposit bonus, Cozy sites may seem a lot less appealing to many. However, the company has had some time to plan ahead, and no doubt has a strategy to counter the potential losses from this new tax.

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