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When we got the news last month that LMAO Bingo was set to join the Live Bingo Network we didn’t expect much. Unfortunately ‘not much’ is what we got. The design is very disjointed. Whether it’s the blue logo, the frozen smiling stock photo that greets you to the home page, or the tacky house cartoon at the bottom of the page, it all leaves us feeling very unimpressed. They couldn’t even use a similar drawing style on the two houses on the page footer, it just feels like this whole site has been slapped together and very badly at that.

One good thing about this site is that is has a £15 no deposit bonus and it has the usual 900% combined deposit bonus:

First deposit: 350%

Second deposit: 250%

Third deposit: 300%

It also has an unprecedented cashback feature of 20% although we wonder about the sustainability of this offer. Even large sites like Foxy Bingo have recently withdrawn their cashback options due to the new point of consumption tax law that are coming into effect very soon.

As we noticed with other new LBN site, Raw Bingo, there are no social media links although there are promotional benefits offered to those who follow the LBN social sites.

We can’t see anything unique about this site at all and quite frankly due to the lack of effort they have put into their design we wouldn’t be in a rush to sign up with them, even with their £15 no deposit bonus. We hope that LBN seriously start to set standards for the sites that use their brand so that they can start bringing something new to the bingo world, because this lack of thought is just generating a feeling of apathy towards their sites. What do you think Roomies? Do you expect more from the sites you play bingo on?

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