Climb Up the Unlicensed Territory of PlayersOlymp Only to Fall into the Abyss of Pirated Games

Besides having a well-equipped lobby of games and noteworthy promos, it’s the reputation that matters in this crowded industry. Having said so, we are sad to report that after a thorough investigation, we discovered yet another venue which got involved in unlawful actions.

PlayersOlymp, which opened its door only recently already got labeled as “must NOT visit” destination. The regulators from the jurisdiction which at first granted the license withdrew it. What’s even more, the establishment was caught offering bogus games from two highly-renowned content suppliers.

Altered Version of Popular Titles

Some gigantic content developers are unfortunately prone to have their content altered, so to say…

…in order to cut down costs and take advantage of the popular creations. Throughout all the months and years we investigated all the venues that seemed suspicious, we discovered that NetEnt and Novomatic titles are often pirated and offered as regular.

That’s exactly what this hub did. Ever since the first doubts expressed on our forum, we had that strange feeling that something’s fishy out there.

And we were right…

and there’s an official confirmation to support it! Our games’ Content Managers and engineers were informed that this digital hub hosts pirated games. One of the operators, NetEnt, has already taken actions regarding this shocking course of events.

License Down

Upon revealing a collection of plagiarized titles…

…the operator’s official page went down. Though this may seem like one of those technical issues that last for several minutes, it turned out, after a while, that their license was suspended.

The establishment initially operated under the Curacao jurisdiction, but the regulator revoked it. This may come as a logical explanation of why the casino’s website is closed.

In the meantime…

…until the situation resolves, we sincerely hope there’s enough patience in the members. This particularly refers to those who might be in the process of pending withdrawals from the irresponsible parlor.

Raising the Awareness

Though initially, this parlor didn’t seem so wrong…

…instead of building their name using the right means, they opted for the wrong ones. Luckily, our hard-working team of detectives saved the day and warned users about their bad deeds.


Do keep in mind that the ultimate responsibility is always up to each player. Carefully reading Terms and conditions and being familiar with all the details packed inside is the only way to go. Not to mention it’s the safest one as well.

After all, there are plenty of other platforms where you can experience the meaning of fair gaming, instead of spending time and money with the “bad guys”. We’ll keep on our mission to make the iGaming industry a better place, by assisting punters to make the difference between worthy and worthless venues!

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