New Rainbow Riches Slingo Game

Are you one of the very few who is yet to discover the new gaming sensation known as Slingo? Slingo combines the fun of bingo (numbers) with slot mechanics, that’s how the founder, Sal Falciglia, came up with the name of his creation; ‘Sl’ from slots and ‘ingo’ from bingo! Many popular television gameshows have been given the unique Slingo treatment, including Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and Deal or No Deal, but this time, the creator has transformed one of Barcrest’s most popular slots…

… Rainbow Riches! Enjoy all the fun of the original slot; that’s a wishing well bonus, the cash crop bonus, toadstool bonus, the magic toadstool red bonus, road to riches and an improved road to riches red bonus game plus the infamous pots of gold bonus! The aim of the game is to mark off as many lines (Slingos) as possible to win big!

Welcome to Slingo Rainbow Riches:

To play, you simply select your stake and start the game, but understanding how a slot game works before ploughing cash into it is vital, as it allows you to recognise the best possible outcomes and benefit from the best features. Before your very eyes will be a 5×5 grid of numbers, a machine with 10 red balls and a ladder of how to win. As you play (press spin), 5 random items will be drawn from the ball machine…

…this could include numbers which will be marked off the grid, jokers, super jokers, extra go’s and a devil…

…yes, a devil!

Let’s start with the joker; this happy red-nosed chap will allow you to mark off any number in the row above it, so if he appears in section 2, you can remove a number from row 2. Super jokers allow you to mark any number in the grid. Bonus spin symbols add an extra spin and the devil blocks symbols.

Bonus Steps:

After 10 spins you can buy additional spins to continue your game. The price for the next spin is shown on the spin button. If you reach a bonus step, press collect to play the current bonus game. Land on the well to trigger the wishing well bonus; pick a well to reveal a prize. Leprechaun trigger the cash crop; 50 coins spin to reveal winning values with the chance to play 4 increasingly valuable rounds, from 0.5x, 1x, 2x, 5x and 10x.

Toadstools trigger the magic toadstool feature; here you have three picks to reveal a win value between 1x and 5x your stake or a fairy. Each fairy will reveal a further 3 values. Revealing all values with 2 picks remaining, will treble the accumulated win, but do this with 1 pick remining and the multiplier on all winnings is less at 2x…

…the red toadstool feature is an improved version of the original; you have four picks in this game but revealing all values with 3 picks remaining will quadruple the accumulated win, revealing all values with 2 picks remining will award a 3x multiplier and revealing all win values with 1 pick remaining will award a 2x multiplier. Road to riches is awarded with the winking leprechaun, spin the wheel to move along the trail until you hit collect – multipliers of up to 500x are offered. Road to riches red awards multiplier of up to 1,000x your stake. The golden pot on that Slingo ladder awards the pots of gold bonus; 12 pots spin and you win the value that lands above the arrow. Multipliers on offer are; 50x (bronze pot), 100x (silver pot) and 400x and 1,000x (the golden pots).

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