Red Rake Gaming Presents Disco Nights & Football World

In the wake of what is already shaping up to be an unforgettable summer, the two things that will make it such are visible on the horizon: music & dancing the nights away and…football: the two aspects of life that bring out the joie de vivre and a hedonistic approach to being. Since most people don’t need a particular motivation to go dancing, and with FIFA World Cup only a mere 10 days away, Red Rake Gaming has decided to outdo themselves and present two brand-new video bingo games that will shake and stir the gaming scene in the coming months.

First off, we’ll take a look at Disco Nights, a video bingo game harking back to the golden era of disco music, outrageous hairdos and the only thing louder than music in those days – crazy outfits. The retro vibe of this game is complete with a zany DJ taking center stage in a disco dance hall filled with neon lights. Equipped with 4 cards, 3 lines and 5 columns, the game has 2 bonus phases with dance floor and wheel of fortune mini games, plus 21 patterns, and 10 extra balls which can be used along with a wild and extra free ball. This is an HTML5 game available for desktop and mobile users and some of the currencies accepted in this game are EUR, GBP, USD, SEK, JPY, BTC, NOK and about 100 more! Disco Nights is available in six different languages (English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and German). One of the most notable extra features the game has is the progressive bonus phase on the wheel mini game.

Football/soccer buffs will get their much-needed fix of action this summer when the World Cup is held in Russia. All is heading in their favor with another Red Rake release that is World Football, a video bingo game that even features a nice addition of 10 extra bingo balls and an extra free ball disguised as some of the authentic official World Cup balls that were used during some of the previous tournaments. This is a 17-pattern, 4-card, 3-line and 5-column game with two bonus phases and the mini game of football kits (exactly as they really look and will appear on this year’s tournament) and a penalty shootout mini game (not boding well for you if you’re playing for England, because of, you know…their long streak of unsuccessful penalty shootouts starting in Italia 1990). The same as Disco Nights, this one too features six languages, over a hundred accepted currencies and is accessible via mobile and desktop devices.

So, what side are you on? What is your preferred way of spending this summer? We assume those who are living with football fanatics won’t have any other choice than to dance, as their TV rights will be permanently revoked for the month or so, so there’s that…we just hope there won’t be any more insanity like four years ago during the World Cup in Brazil where this optimistic dude wagered $350,000 on a football match and managed to save a paltry $20,000. At least Lionel Messi did come to his rescue

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