How To Play Bingo

Here you will find a list of resources compiled by our experts and players in order to help you along your way. These guides are a great way to further understand the game of bingo as a whole and not just the online version. Every aspect has been covered from the bingo lingo to the sidegames to the different bingo games, to playing securely right through to the differences between the traditional bingo halls and the online games.

Any questions you have will more than likely have been answered here. If you still find we haven’t answered your question then please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you with the answer you require

On-line bingo security and licensing

Online security is a serious issue and should be dealt with by both the player and the bingo site to ensure everything is being done to have a safe bingo experience. There are things players can do to protect themselves on their computers and when choosing a bingo site. For the player at home here’s a… Read more »

Online Bingo Tips

In online bingo, the most important thing about winning is to avoid making mistakes. At least, that’s what a lot of people believe. After all, it’s a game of luck and there’s not much you can do to change your luck or improve your chances of winning, right? Wrong! There are a lot of tips… Read more »

Selecting the Right Cards

One of the most important strategies for winning online bingo is to learn how to select the right cards. There are two things to consider when choosing cards –quantity (how many cards should I play with?) and numbers (what numbers should my cards carry?). Here are some tips for both. When it comes to the… Read more »

Understanding Bingo Bonuses

Online Bingo Bonuses are available from nearly every single Bingo vendor and are often a great opportunity to make you bankroll look really impressive, but are they really as good as they look ? Nobody gives away free cash for nothing and there is always some kind of catch when you accept a bingo bonus,… Read more »

Bingo Chat Room Lingo

Online bingo players love to socialise. That’s one of the things they like best about online bingo. The game has a chat function that adds an entirely different dimension to playing bingo. Some players say they enjoy chatting as much as the game itself, especially on those online bingo games that are more fun-based than… Read more »

The Bingo Chat Room

One of the attractions of online bingo is the social aspect of the game — the ability to chat with other players in real time. Bingo players enjoy chatting with others while playing. It’s fun and a great way to meet other people. Chatting enhances a player’s enjoyment of online bingo. Sometimes, it also lets… Read more »

Bingo Strategy

Believe it or not, bingo may be a game of chance, but there are ways to swing the odds in your favor. This article contains some of them. They were developed by renowned mathematical analyst Joseph E. Granville, who achieved fame for creating a series of successful strategies for the stock market. Granville says that… Read more »

Side, mini, instant and chat games explained

As a bingo fan you may not have given much thought to the other games available to play whilst playing bingo and originally bingo sites were offering a few games to keep bingo players amused between games. So what are side games are they the same as mini games, what the bingo is an instant… Read more »

Progressive Bingo Jackpots Explained

A progressive jackpot is a jackpot that is constantly increasing (progressing) with every game played and can usually be found attached to a slot machine or video poker game but are also frequently used to offer bigger jackpots for bingo games. Progressive games are ”˜connected’ so that every bet placed adds to the progressive jackpot and… Read more »

Online Bingo Payment Methods

There are many different ways to pay for goods and services online and not all of them require you to have a debit or credit card, and most will save you having to repeatedly give your personal banking details, here’s how a few of the best known work. Moneybookers Moneybookers is a leading online payment system. It allows you to… Read more »