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If you’ve been playing across online bingo sites for years, you’ve witnessed so many innovations, changes and improvements on the online bingo scene. New bingo sites are appearing left and right, new types and variants of bingo games are being invented all the time, and new convenient payment methods are getting recognition for the qualities they offer.

And while there are many important things to be careful about when choosing a new site to join, the payment methods list is the most important of them all. You have to have a decent choice of payment solutions to choose from. There are so many payment methods out there, but not all of them are as safe, secure and cost-effective as, for instance, ecoPayz. ecoPayz, with all the advantages it offers, has managed to crush Neteller and Skrill and has become the number one eWallet players from all over the world choose to play with. Why? Why is ecoPayz the ultimate solution for playing across online bingo sites?

ecoPayz – Basic Information

Previously known as ecoCard…

…ecoPayz is an eWallet owned by the well-recognized and respected PSI-Pay company, which was founded in 2000. While the company gained quite a user base with the ecoCard product, it was in 2013 when it fully rebranded that it got the recognition it deserved. It was in 2013 when a range of new products and new features were launched as well, such as a mobile app and the ecoAccount and ecoVoucher products.

Around the time of the rebranding, Neteller and Skrill, which were industry leaders, started increasing their fees and restricted the use of their MasterCard products. So ecoPayz, with its much lower fees and availability managed to surpass them in both popularity and the number of users.


…today is a modern, sophisticated eWallet accepted all over the globe. Why do users prefer it over any other eWallet? Apart from the lack of fees and significantly lower transaction fees, it is the online banking solution that comes with so many other perks. For starters, it has a VIP Club that continuously rewards players for their loyalty. The Classic, Silver, Gold, Platinum and VIP levels can be reached with each transaction you make with it. Depending on your status, and as you level up, you’ll be receiving more and more perks. Monthly Cashbacks of 0.5% to 0.65%, a free ecoPayz MasterCard, and a 24/7 available Customer Support team to attend to all your questions and problems are just a small chunk of the perks you will receive.

The eWallet…

…accepts over 45 currencies, so is the dream method for transacting online. Players from all across the world can use it since it is a solution available in over 200 countries. While previously it was not, as of 2018, it is also available in the UK.

When it comes to its availability across bingo sites, it is available in most, if not all bingo sites that offer their services to international players. Due to all the perks it has to offer, ecoPayz is the number one choice to most online bingo players, so operators ensure they give the players access to it. We can say without a doubt that the process of finding a legit, safe and trustworthy online bingo site that accepts it would be a piece of cake.

Getting Started with ecoPayz

Among the benefits you’ll get by using ecoPayz is the effortless registration. To get started with it, all you need to do is set up an account via its official website and you’ll be ready to use it.

To register an account…

…you would need to start the procedure either via the web or the mobile platform, whichever suits you. You would need to enter your name, address, birth date, email address and phone number. To get full access to all the products and services it offers, you would need to verify your account. Therefore, via your email, make sure you do that.

You can fund…

…your account with ecoVoucher, bank transfer, other eWallets, credit and debit cards, and instant bank transfer. Keep in mind that whichever way you choose to top up your account with, no details about it will ever be shared with the online bingo site you’ll be playing at. When it comes to currencies you can use, the US dollar, the Great Britain pound and the euro are the default currencies you can use, even for making ATM cash withdrawals using the ecoCard Prepaid MasterCard. Should you use another currency, a minimal conversion fee would apply.


…when it comes to accessing your funds, whichever product you decide to use, you will see that you’ll get notifications on transactions on your ecoAccount. And, when it comes to daily transaction limits, they would all depend on your VIP status, as would fees and transaction charges. The higher you go up the levels, the better perks you’ll be getting. Upon registration, you’re automatically at the Classic level. Once you verify your account, you move up to the Silver level and you’re allowed to start making transactions. The more you transact, the higher you go up the levels and the better benefits you get.

Depositing and Withdrawing with ecoPayz

Great value for your money is what you’ll be getting by transacting across online bingo sites with this really cost-effective eWallet. But the fact that you can also use the other services that come with the account you create, make it a really convenient method to use further for your regular everyday purchases.

To make a deposit…

…at an online bingo site, you would have to first find a site that accepts it. As mentioned, this would be easy, since ecoPayz is available across many online bingo sites. Once you decide on the site to join, you would need to decide whether you’ll make a deposit straight from your ecoAccount, via the ecoCard Prepaid Card or the virtual card. If you choose the first option, you would have to go to the online bingo site’s Cashier section, click on the eWallet’s logo and enter your login details. Enter the amount you wish to deposit and confirm your transaction. The money will instantly be on your bingo account. 

Should you deposit with one of the cards, you would have to enter the card’s number, and the PIN code to access the funds on either of them. Again, you would have to specify how much you wish to deposit, and you’d have to confirm the transaction. Regardless of the product you want to use, depositing with this payment solution is extremely easy.

The best part is…

…that you can also make withdrawals with ecoPayz. However, the money you’ll cash out from your online bingo site will go to your ecoAccount, and not your cards if you used cards to deposit. Withdrawal processing times depend on various factors, but they can take anywhere from a couple of hours to a day or two. This would depend on the bingo site and its policies, your country of residence and any other possible regulations involved. Plus, it would depend on whether or not you’ve played through the wagering requirements in case you claimed a 50% Redeposit Bonus or some other exclusive bonus at the bingo site. Make sure you do that before you request a withdrawal, in order to get over with the withdrawal procedure faster.


Do fees for unused accounts apply?

Yes. If you haven’t used your ecoPayz account for 12 months, you would be charged with a £1.50 fee per month. However, since account maintenance fees do not apply, and you can use the eWallet for basically any everyday transactions, you probably won’t get to that moment of account inactivity.

Can anyone order an ecoCard?

Yes! There are no previous requirements to apply for an ecoCard, except, of course, the fact that you first need to have an account registered with ecoPayz. Applying for the card is completely fee-free, and with it, you can withdraw money from ATMs, and make all kinds of payments, so make sure you get one!

What happens if I lose my card or my PIN?

In case you lose your card and you’d like to get issued with a new one, you would have to pay £12.50. In case you lose or forget your PIN, you’ll need to pay £0.50 to get a new one.

What are the disadvantages of using this payment solution?

As you could gather, ecoPayz is a solution that offers many advantages. However, as a disadvantage, we have to mention the fact that the cards are only available in US dollars, Great Britain pound and euro, so only players from the UK, the US and the European countries, where these currencies are used, can actually use them at ATMs fee-free. If players from other countries want to use it, they would have to pay currency conversion fees.

How do I verify my account to get better privileges and move up the VIP levels?

To verify your account, you would need to provide some identification document, be it a bank account bill, a utility bill, an ID card, a passport, you choose. It is needed to confirm that you’re not performing identity frauds.