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To play across online bingo sites, players need to make many choices. We’re not talking about the games to play; that’s the easiest part. No, they first need to find a reliable online bingo site. Then, they explore it to find out what the site can offer to them. They need to go through the bonus offers and promotions and any VIP program, if available. Then, they need to explore the games portfolio. And, most importantly, they need to check its payment methods list.

Why is a variety of payment methods important? Well, as an online bingo player, you need to purchase bingo tickets with real money, if you want to win real money payouts. And then, you need to cash out those payouts in a safe way. For that reason, you need to choose a trustworthy, safe and secure solution to transact money to and from online bingo sites. One solution that is found across many bingo sites and can provide you with safe online banking is Neteller. Why use Neteller across online bingo sites?

Basic Information on Neteller


…is an internet funds transfer service that has been around since 1999, belonging under Paysafe Group PLC’s umbrella, along with Skrill and Paysafecard. It is essentially an eWallet, considering you can add, transfer and withdraw funds via its account from anywhere across the globe. The company has changed its offering for the better since its inception to this day. When it first appeared, it arrived with some hefty fees that discouraged people from using it. However, it was careful enough to hear customers’ complaints and delivered many options to them in terms of fees.

As a user…

…you can select the transfer method of your choice, hence, choose whether you’d pay fees or not. This would depend on the urgency with which you need to send or receive the funds. Basically, depending on the fee involved and the transfer method you choose, the funds will either be instant or take up to three business days. This way, you’re in control of the fees you’re willing to pay to get the money to the destination you need on time.


…Neteller is based in Douglas, a city in the Isle of Man. More precisely, the company is based at the Standard Bank Building, however, it also has offices in Costa Rica, Canada, England and China, among other places. As such, it has gone global throughout the years, and users from all over the world that have managed to create an account with it can transact funds to any online merchant site instantly, as long as that site uses its online payments platform.

On that note…

…since we’re interested in online bingo sites, you should know that plenty of them are using its platform and allowing players to use it to fund their accounts and withdraw their bingo winnings. Therefore, when you start looking for a site to join, you will see that you’ll have a bunch of choices, and you’ll see that the best bingo sites, powered by the best software developers, are among those sites.

Using Neteller Across Online Bingo Sites

As mentioned, Neteller is your option for deposits and withdrawals across many online bingo sites. What’s great about it is that it is really easy to get started with and use.

To get started with it…

…you would need to open an account. Creating an account with it is free of charge. You would need to provide the online platform with your address, date of birth, gender, name, the currency you’d like to use by default and your email address. To get full access to all of the services it has to offer, you would need to provide an ID document and verify your account. Unverified users have limited access, meaning transactions up to a specified amount. But verified users can transact as much as they want to.

Another thing you get access to…

…is the Secure ID protection measure. This is the measure Neteller implemented in order to provide players with an added layer of security and ensure that their money is safe. It is a 6-digit code you get for opening an account with Neteller, which you will use as an additional means of identity verification whenever you’ll be using the account. You should keep this code private and not share it with anyone if you don’t want someone abusing your account.

Funding your Neteller account…

…is extremely easy. You just have to choose the payment method you’d like to use to fund your account with funds. You can choose from other eWallets, credit and debit cards, prepaid cards, direct bank transfers, etc. Euteller, POLi, EPS, Yandex, QIWI, Trustly, Neosurf, Przelewy 24, Giropay, iDeal, BOKU, Rapid Transfer, Skrill, Paysafecard, AstroPayCard and even Bitcoin are some of your options. Fund your Neteller account, and you’ll be ready to use it across online bingo sites.

Why use this eWallet…

…you must be wondering. Well, for starters, you can get instant deposits with it. The minute you confirm a transaction, the money will be transferred in real-time to any bingo site you want. This, on the other hand, brings us to another benefit: the convenience.

The fact that you just need to log in to your account and confirm the transaction to see the funds being transferred in an instant is just fascinating. And then, of course, the major advantage of this payment solution is that you don’t need to share any banking details with the bingo site of your choice. Neither your credit/debit card details nor your bank account details will ever be known by any operator with Neteller. True, you can fund your Neteller account with them, but the details of the bank-related data will never be disclosed with the operator.

Last but not least

…you should know that you get special perks for using the eWallet. Thanks to its VIP Program, users loyal to the brand can level up and get higher ranks, and with that, get better benefits like smaller or no money transfer fees and other perks related to their accounts and transfers.

You should also know that Neteller continually improves its offering and modifies terms of use to cater to its users the best way possible. It wants to make sure users are comfortable using it, and that’s why you should be constantly expecting improvements and modifications that would make your online bingo experience even better each year.

Depositing and Withdrawing

When you join an online bingo site…

…you’d need to fund your bingo site account with real money in order to purchase your bingo tickets. To do that with Neteller, you’ll need to follow the next steps.

You will need to go to the bingo site’s Banking/Deposit/Cashier section. You’d need to find the eWallet’s logo and click or tap on it. As soon as the new window opens, you’d need to enter your login information. You’d need to enter your Neteller Account ID and Secure ID. Once in, you’d need to specify the amount of money you’d wish to fund your online bingo account with, and confirm the transfer. As easy as that!

The deposit will reach your online bingo account in a second, so the entire process of depositing is really painless and quick.


…will take just as little time as depositing. Once you’ve played your favourite online bingo types and won some money, just go to the site’s Banking/Withdraw/Cashier section and look for the eWallet’s logo. Again, enter your login details and the figure you’d like to cash out. This time, however, don’t expect for the funds to be transferred from your bingo to your Neteller account in an instant. The bingo operator would need to check whether you have enough funds to complete the transaction, and only once it approves the transaction, will you get the money on your account. However, don’t worry because withdrawals with Neteller take no longer than three business days.

Please note: As of 22 February 2021, the following Fee will apply:

  • Foreign exchange Fee – 4.49% per transaction added to the NETELLER wholesale exchange rates.
  • Withdrawal Fee from NETELLER Account to a Skrill Account – 3.49% per transaction.


Do fees apply for withdrawals with Neteller?

If you visit Neteller’s website right now, you will see that a 2.5% funding fee applies. However, not with partnered online merchants like partnered online bingo sites. Therefore, don’t worry because withdrawals with the eWallet across partnered online bingo sites will be fee-free.

Will fees apply for cryptocurrency to currency exchange and vice versa?

As you would expect, exchange fees do apply, but they depend on the rank you hold at Neteller’s VIP Program. The general charge is 1.50%. But crypto to fiat currency exchange is charged 3%.

How do you level up the Neteller VIP program?

The minute you create an account, you are at the Bronze level. You level up the Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond level each time you actively use your account. Your progress across levels, however, will depend on the amount of money you transact.

Are there many countries where Neteller is not available?

Neteller is not available in around 50 countries across the world, but out of the mainstream countries, the most notable is the USA country restriction. Players across US bingo sites cannot transact with Neteller.

Can I use Neteller across online bingo sites via my mobile device?

Sure. Neteller is completely optimized for mobile use, and its mobile platform is suited for any mobile device.

Apart from the Secure ID, doe Neteller implement other security measures?

Yes. Apart from its own Secure ID measure, Neteller also implements industry-standard SSL encryption certificates and other methods that meet the standards of the industry, so you can rest assured that your funds will be safe with it.