6 Spooky & Healthy Halloween Treats for Kids

Halloween treats don’t have to be full of sugar, e numbers and fat. If you’re a health conscious mum or dad, we’ve conjured up 6 healthy Halloween treats which look spooky, taste yummy and won’t rot your youngster’s teeth! So, finish up your latest games on your favorite online bingo sites, go gather some ingredients and get your little ghosts and ghouls to come help you prepare something scrumptious…

1. Boonanas & Pumpkintines

What could be healthier that tangerines and bananas? That’s right, Boonanas and Pumpkintines! With a few chocolate drops and a permanent marker, you can transform boring old fruit into spooky confections. Genius!

2. Watermelon Nightmare!

If you haven’t had quite enough of carving once you’ve completed your pumpkin, it’s time to turn your skills to this weird and wonderful watermelon. Gross? Maybe. Amazing for kids? Definitely. The spookiest way to serve up fruit salad, ever? Probably.

3. Creepy Teeth

Apple slices dunked in lemon juice to stop them from browning, a few mini marshmallows to make the teeth and a slather of peanut butter to hold it all together. These (almost) healthy Halloween snacks are just as fun to make as they are to eat!

4. Skewered!

Fruit, a few marshmallows, skewers and some chocolate piping are all you need to turn fruit kebabs into totem poles of spooky little faces. Boo!

5. Spooky Strawberries

Dip your spooky strawberries into melted chocolate, then add icing to create scary faces. To make tiny Frankenstrawberries, add a little green food coloring to your melted which chocolate. Try out Savvy Saving Couple’s tutorial to make your own!

6. Cobweb Pizzas

Whether you make your own dough or buy in pre-made pizza kits, these cobweb and spider pizzas are perfect little treats which taste great and won’t rot your little pumpkins’ teeth! Create a spooky spider from a chopped up black olive and arrange cheese on top to form a web. Here’s a helpful recipe.

Do you have any healthy Halloween treats to share with our readers?  Share them with the Two Little Fleas community below! Perhaps you think kids should be allowed all the sugar they like on this one spooky night? Let us know via Twitter @TwoLittleFleas.

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